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Firestar Ultralight For FS2002, Firestar Ultralight Ver.2 For FS2002, With Panel,Sound, Virtual cockpit, and Animated parts. Includes land and float plane Versions. This version fixes floatplane Taxi problems. December, 2001 By K.Johnson. 3.9MB

FS2002 FireStar ultralight March 2002 Updated Flight Dynamics for the FireStar ultralight. Land and float versions. 47K

FS2002 FireStar ultralight March 2002 Updated Flight Dynamics for the FireStar ultralight. Land and float versions.

FS2002/ 2000BAAer BA-5 Guri Thank you for choosing the two place ultra light. This is a prototype design being deveoped by BAAer Aeroplano or Buenos Aires Argentina. The air craft comes in two engine configuration; a Rotax 503 50hp version and a Rotax 582 64 hp version. This is the 64 hp version though my .air file may miscalculate some of the flight dynamics. Gary Myers 1MB
FS2002 Nevada gliding scenery package by Fred Platt This pack includes:- Nevada soaring scenery, .DAT file for the Cambridge instruments (instruments done by Max Roodvelt, not provided in this package)The scenery covers the whole of Nevada and a comparitively small area of California. 2MB
Mitchel Wing Ultralight For FS2002. Gauges, FS2002 default Panel, Freeware by kmj Textures, Feeware by kmj Model, Freeware by kmj Flight Dynamics, an edited FS2000 default .air file by k. johnson. 561K
FS98 Meigs Field Soaring Scenery This file add some thermals to default Chicago Merril C. Meigs scenery. It is freeware. By Francisco Vargas. 2K
FS2002 N.N.Z.C Glider Airfield, Netherlands. . This is the airfield from where i fly white gliders. by erik beertema. 1.9MB
UK Thermals. UK gliding scenery by Fred Platt. 3.2MB

FS2002 Schleicher ASW28 Prototype D-8028 The Glider The ASW28 is the latest standard class development to come from Schleicher's drawing boards. It is, in itself, a development of the ASW24, utilising the same basic fuselage. It employs the latest in design to build strength and crash protection around the cockpit to maximise pilot safety and also comes with the option of a ballistic rescue parachute to further aid this. The ASW28 owes is excellent flight characteristics to the completely new wing, and thus achieves a maximum glide ratio of 45:1 at 50kts (90km/h). Model includes dynamic virtual cockpit. Designed by Peter Franke. 3.7MB
Cosmos Ultralight trike version: 2002 beta GMAX. By: Juan Pablo Benlliure. 880K
Simulated glider launch for FS2002. The launch is out of Imperial War Museum Duxford. It is just something i thought of so i thought i'd have a go. Thanks for downloading it. You have to change to the glider of your choice before take off. To install place into my flyts in the flights folder. Then go to the default airfield and then play the video. Tim J. 114K