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Updated Pilatus B4 Glider Revised December /2002 With FSDS and Gmax By GfORCE TEAM . Includes : Full 3D Movings Parts ( Flap, Aleron, Rudder, opening doors, rolling wheels, shocks, etc. ), reflective textures, 3D pilot, custom panel and virtual cockpit and panel, 2 models and 6 liveries. Claudio Rojas, Alex Eylerts, Harald Huber. 6MB

Micro Flight 3 Demo. : Dear sir, After more than a year of hard work I am happy to present version 3 of Micro-Flight. I would like this exciting new demo to be placed on your site. Download a fully functional demo of Micro Flight 3 from: Download ( 6.1 MB ) Download ( 6.1 MB ) Download ( 6.1 MB ) Micro-Flight requires DirectX8 or better. The software has been dramatically improved and is a state of art flight simulator. see full detailes of it's new features below. Thanks and take care. Ilan Papini Quality Simulations www.hangsim.com About Micro Flight Micro Flight is a state of the art flight simulator specializing in simulating ultralight flying vehicles and micro meteorological conditions. Unlike other flight simulators, Micro Flight simulates the intricate flow of air over the ground and the effects of thermals created by the sun, making it ideal for simulating gliders of all types. Micro Flight also simulates types of vehicles not simulated by other general aviation programs, such as: Hanggliders, Paragliders, Gyroplanes, Helicopters, Trikes, Balloons and more. 6.1MB

FS2000 AS-K13 Glider Version 3 A two seat glider for training and performance between 1966 and 1980. Plane Wolfgang Piper.
Scenery - Leeton Airstrip (version 1) - New South Wales - Australia for FS2002 This one is for all of you who like flying without an engine! Leeton airstrip is situated in South West New South Wales and a few kilometers North West of Narrandra. Leeton airstrip is a dirt affair with 6 runways and sits more or less in the middle of a large field that is owned by the Commonwealth government. This strip boasts a small glider club and is also is the home of one or two crop dusters who work the surrounding irrigated rice and fruit farms. The 'river'you can see that runs near the western boundry of the strip is actually the Main Canal which feeds irrigation water from the Murumbidgee River to the Griffith irrigation region.This airport was constructed based on memories, a long phone call with Bill Christie who flies his ultralight from here and also a map supplied by the Leeton Gliding Club. Included is a landclass overlay file especially constructed by Ian Thatcher and a Soundscape file. Copyright: Steve James. 2.3MB
Scenery - Nieuwe Veld. N.N.Z.C. Glider Airfield Scenery, Northern Europe. v2.1 This is the second release of the nnzc airfield because we have moved to another field just put into fs2002 addon scenery folder and start fs 2002. Thermals included scenery by Erik Beertema. 2.7MB
FS2002. 3 repaints of the Grob Twin III Acro by Max Roodveldt. Textures only - you need to have the VET Grob Twin III Acro aviable on http://www.fszwever.com/downloads/downloads.html repaint By Vandenberghe Frederik. 1.6MB
FS2002 Challenger Ultralight repaint. This file contains textures for the Quad City Ultralight Challenger from Flight Sim Models/VIP group. The Challenger comes in four different configurations, four different 2d-and virtual cockpit panels and three different interior cloth colours with full virtual cockpit for aerial sightseeing in style. By Norman Gorn. 1.1MB
FS2002 Flightstar II SC Float and wheel versions. The Flightstar II SC is a single seat ultralight capable of flying on wheels or floats. by Ian Shelton. 6.3MB
FS2002 Skyboy sport aircraft. An FSDS V2 aircraft with moving control surfaces, including the rudder. Also includes a custom panel and unique sound. My first aircraft. By Lee Baessler. 1.6MB
FS2002 Ultralight Panel - suitable for use with your single engine ultra or microlight aircraft. Unzip the gauge files into your FS2002 gauge folder, (this panel uses mostly the default gauges plus a few more). Copy the .bmp and .cfg to your favourite ultralight panel folder. Freeware, enjoy. Buckz. 718K