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FS2004 "Day Of Infamy" Video: A short film in memory of December 7, 1941. Dedicated to America's Greatest Generation. Aircraft by Tom Kohler and Bob Chicilo. Music by Washingtonian. By Marc Dantuma. 32MB
FS2004 "Zephyr Flight 2000" Just a little video of a plane that has a great deal of sentimental value to me...did a virtual Cross-country flight in this. Hope you like the video! By Jeff Jordon (JordonJ). 40.4MB
FS2004 USSO Video. Military aircraft of the virtual USSO. BY Jamie Clum. 32.1MB
FS 2004 Airbus A319-211 Video. Take off from St. Barthelemys (2100 ft Runway) and flight to Princess Juliana Runway 9 VOR Approach. No moving parts in the video (I donīt know why). I hope you like it. This is my first video. By Nacho Lillo. 31.4MB Nacho Lillo. 32.1MB
FS2004 F-5E Jambock. Short Video. This and my first film of one serie that they capsize. With intention to virtually give to homage one of the best aircraft that pilot. The F-5E has particularitities which I appreciate sufficiently, I wait that they like this small film. A small video as first experience. Luis Alfonso. 40MB
U. S. Strike Ops highlight Video This is a highlight movie for the military VA, U.S. Strike Ops known to most as the U.S.S.O. We are an up and comming VA that is growing rapidly. We represent all five US military branches. Jamie Clum. 32MB
FS2004 Flight Century Video: This is a movie where I had put famous aircraft of aviation's history, from the wright flyer to the space ship one. Music from the opening credits of StarTrek Enterprise by Russel Watson. By Stephen M-D. 48MB
FS2004 PANV, Virtual Italian National Aerobatic Team Video. This video is made by mixing clips captured during the last italian flight simulator show. It's the display of the PANV'group, Frecce Tricolori Virtuali, the virtual italian national acrobatic team. Enjoy! Regards, Egidio-PONY3. .WMV format -36mb- Egidio Ricciardi. 35.3MB
FS2004 Margarita Air Club Video. As requested, I made a video for Margarita Air Club...the best flying club on the net! A laid-back atmosphere you can't beat! My second video...again, I'm pleased with how it turned out. As for the song...well, I prefer the Stephen Stills version as it sounds more lonely, but then, as far as I know, Stephen Stills is not a pilot, whereas Jimmy Buffet owns and flies more planes than most countries! Jeff Jordon. 57MB
FS2004 Enthusiasm for Virtual Aviation Video. Video made within FS2004 (FSR files), nees to be installed into FS2004 & includes aircraft required to show up in the recording. By Peter Salas. 3.1MB
Simviation ScreensShot Contest Winners Video. This video is a compilation of the past winners of Simviation's screenshot contest up until November 2005. Jacob Lynn. 16.7MB