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FS2004 F-22 Thunderbirds Video. This is a short movie of what i think the future thunderbirds might look like. The repaint was done by me. Jonathan Cerha. 10.7MB
FS2004 Rotor Party Video. : An air show of R22 from FS2004 with smoke effects.. Ends with the Italian Flag. Author : Nicola Piazzolla. 23.6MB
FS2004 Preview Video of Uksd's Military Airfields in Yorkshire Scenery (MAIY here). Also features the Tucano AI and multiplayer footage of spitfires/tucanos & Jet provosts. Scenery by Stevo and Brittair. 1.5 minutes. Video by Birdman. 8.5MB
FS2004 California By Chopper Video. : a short where we fly around california by Bell 407. Takeoff and landing on the city. Author : Nicola Piazzolla. 37MB
FS2004 Video presentation of the Virtual Zaragoza Air Base The home of ALA15 equipped with EF18 and ALA31 equipped with C130. Located on LEZG, Spain, as real one, we try to simulate the operations of this base on IVAO. Jose Ramon Rodriguez. 40.6MB
FS2004 Hunter Video. This is a series of pics, that I made as preparation for The SimV International Airshow January 2005. Hope you like the video! The plane is a Hawker Hunter made by David Garwood (here), and the RDAF textures is by Jens-Ole Kjølberg Theis Thøgersen. 5.7MB
FS2004 Military Video: Ala 14 Virtual. This is the first video from Ala 14 Virtual in Albacete. Author: Pablo fernandez de Bobadilla Sanchez. 31.1MB
FS2004 Zaragoza Air base Video. Another video about Zaragoza Air base with gun's and roses sound. SAR, LAPES, patrols and a lot of adventure in our dayly flighs. By Enrique Emperador Ric. 47.5MB
FS2004 Flight Through Seattle Video. An exciting low level flight through downtown Seattle in the cockpit of a Mirage F1R. 14MB
FS2004 Electronic Pleasure Video. A video featuring FS9 electronic intelligence aircraft, put to music by N-Trance. Features aircraft by Team FS KBT, Rok Dolenec, Benoit Plamondon and Kazunori Ito. By Marc Dantuma. 21.5MB