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Military Page 8
FSX F-15 Strike Eagle. Repaint of Kimitaka Nishida's F-15 Strike Eagle. .I added a new After burner Effect and New Desert Camo Textures and a updated panel Modifications by Mark Rooks of RDG . 10.2MB
FSX F-15 Strike Eagle 494th FS Panthers This is a Repaint of Coral's F-15 Strike Eagle.The Paint scheme is from The Real 494th FS 48th Fighter Wing Lakenheath ,England "The Panthers" included are Pictures and History of the Squadron. Aircraft includes an updated panel,CFG Modifications,effects and Textures by Mark Rooks of RDG . 10.4MB

FSX/FS2004 IRIS Tornado F.3 Version 4.2 Package. IRIS Flight Simulation Software has taken the core of the DSB Tornado and improved on it tenfold. We have added a long awaited interactive Virtual Cockpit, we have also included an awesome soundset by our resident sound guru Christoffer Petersen and provided a custom panel based on the RAF Tornado F.3. Andy Nott from AGN Textures has also provided a huge amount of RAF paints and two rather special Italian Air Force paints to make this a freeware plane to definately add to your fast jet collection!. By Iris Simulations. 103MB
FSX Lockheed SR-71A 17955. Original Alphasim SR-71 with 2d panel by Michel Polski. No VC gauges. 6.2MB

FSX/FS2004 Grumman F-14D Tomcat Rev 2 Package (revised & updated). "Flight Dynamics,(V 03-07), FDE & Aircraft.cfg by IVAN KOSTIC". Aircraft perfectly controllable & maneuverable within the whole original Tomcat's flight envelope. F14D custom sound file by Christoffer Peterson given to me as a gift will full usage rights. Rework of Scott Printz's HUD_Hornet.XML for HUD development for the F14D & original aircraft.cfg by Ivan Kostic. FSX aircraft.cfg & panel.cfg rework/migration by Steve Hinson, GMAX model: J. Dobbings & Dino Cattaneo. NEW DFX MODEL 97% done by Darek Gurtowski with NEW textures by RD. This NEW model will replace Dino's model in 3-4 months. FSX rework & original files by Ivan Kostic & Steve Hinson. Systems Design: Steve Hinson. HUD rework by Ivan Kostic. FDE by Ivan Kostic. Panels by Steve Hinson, VC mold by Dino Cattaneo. Carrier Ops Pack-3 by Rob Barendregt, Doug Dawson, & Transonic Vapor Cloud by Nick Needham used with permission. This pack has the panel fix for CTD issues & all thumbnails added. I also added all the FSX camera views created for me by Bob Familton. ORIGINAL fs9gps.cab for FSX replaces old FS9 GPS.cab gauge in your gauge file. Same with SimIcons.cab, SimIcons1024.cab, & Beech_Baron.cab. No other download is needed! See inside for all credits & READ EVERY ONE of the DOCS in the DOCS folder. REV 2 is a auto-installed zip file using "Folder As Names" method with Winzip. Extract from temporary folder into "Microsoft Flight Simulator X" folder. See READ ME in main folder for install instructions of FSUIPC.dll Rev 4.9. Overwrite ALL Gauges= YES. Click YES for "TRUST GAUGES?". Added FSX Default Fuel Dump Function. Use Cntrl-Shft-D to dump fuel, it will decrease level fast. Watch fuel gauge. Excellent for weight reduction for carrier operations. 87.7MB

Update: FSX-F14D Tomcat Rev 2 Updated Sound Files. Chris Petersen. 30MB

FSX-F14D Rev 2 Panel update. 1. Added button mounts for Main & RIO panels for Radar Range & Mode buttons for ease of use. 2. Resized & Relocated "COP3 Control Panel Gauge" now visible instead of behind autopilot. 3. Revised Panel.cfg to reflect thes changes. Steve Hinson. 1.4MB

FS2004/FSX YF-22A Raptor Package. The DSB YF-22A Raptor product provides you with an awesome flight model, superb textures and numerous external configurations to suit your flying needs as well as a fully functioning 3D virtual cockpit. Featuring the latest in graphic effects and XML gauge technology, we are sure that the Raptor will provide you with hours of enjoyable flying. Ex payware & not suported by DSB. Aircraft created by iris simulations. 10.7MB
FS2004/FSX Boeing E3-D Sentry Royal Air Force ZH101 2006 Textures only. A brand new freeware model created by Gary Carlson HJG.The RAF textures by Tony Madge HJG. This is the textures only folder and requires the base model aircraft available here A brand new panel and soundset are also available to accompany this aircraft. 2MB
FSX/FS2004 F/A-18E Super Hornet VX-9 Blue Angels Pack. Team FS KBT Model design by Daisuke Yamamoto. See docs for FSX mod required. Flight dynamics and Painted by Hiroaki Kubota. XML(Effects) by Toshikazu Shimizu. 26.8MB
FSX F-20 Tigershark GI1002. This is a Repaint of DSB Design's F-20 Tigershark Updated For Flight Simulator X. The F-20 Tigershark was designed, built and tested by the Northrop Corporation in the early 1980's. Three prototypes were built, of which two crashed during sales demonstrations. The sole survivor GI1002 was restored and now resides at the California Science Center in Los Angeles. The Aircraft featured here is GI1002 Tail Number 44671 .. Download Includes pictures and History. Textures and FSX updates by Mark Rooks of RDG . 10.9MB
FSX/FS2004 F/A-18E Super Hornet VFA-37 Ragin Bulls Textures Only. For use with Team FS KBT Model design by Daisuke Yamamoto (above). Flight dynamics and Painted by Hiroaki Kubota. XML(Effects) by Toshikazu Shimizu. 3.1MB


FSX Mig 15. This is a modified Version of the Mig 15 Model By Jean-Pierre, Jean-Pierre Bourgeois and Benoit M. Dubé Langer For Flight Simulator X .This Aircraft has been modified for FSX . Textures are Created in a Highly Reflective Finish with New flight dynamics and a New CFG , Air file and Panel Puts this proud MIG 15 Back in the sky where it belongs Modified by Mark Rooks of RDG. 15.4MB