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FSX YF-22A Raptor USAF Textures only. Requires the Iris Freeware YF-22 here. See instructions for FSX inside. Repaint, by Paul Vaslet, D.L. Textures. 367K
FSX Demo McDonnell Douglas AV8B Harrier GR.7 1(F) Squadron. Updated flying and hovering performance. Full control at high or low speed. Includes moving ailerons, rudder, nosewheel steering, flaps and nozzles. (Mach 0.95, landing speed 0 Knot) Water land able Panel and gauges included. Model by Adam K Preece. Original Dynamics by Claudio Mussner 2d Panel by Hans Juergen Altmann, repaint and New flight dynamics by Alejandro Villa. No working VC. 9.3MB
FSX C-17 437 Air Wing Charleston AFB. This is a Repaint of Mike Stone's C-17 For Flight Simulator X ..This Aircraft is Painted in the colors of the 437 Air Wing Charleston AFB. C-17 modified with smoke effect for Flight Simulator X By Rooks Design Graphics.. This is a Complete Aircraft entitled " Sound Of Freedom " Textures By Mark Rooks . No VC. 5.4MB
FSX Alpha Jet 'Pirate'. This is a modified version of JP Bourgeois Alpha Jet Model for Flight Simulator X In a High luster Two Tone Black Paint scheme. This is a complete Aircraft Modified Air And CFG Files For FSX modified by Mary Moo of RDG. No VC. 10.6MB
FSX: MIG-21 Fishbed . - The nemisis of the F-4 Phantom in Vietnam, comes to FSX with 2d and Static VC - full animations - compiled with FS9 SDK, tested in FSX *for FSX by Bruce Fitzgerald . 1.9MB
FS2004/FSX Dassault Mirage G8 Camo textures for my (fictional, as the real aircraft remained for ever a prototype !), by Patrice Grange. FSX compatible. Two different camos : sand and green. Textures only. This add-on needs my Mirage_G8_V3.zip package (important : version 3 - above), and is designed to be added directly into it. Designed by Pat Grange. 818K
FSX ROC (Taiwan) AF Lockheed Martin F-16A Block 20. This is a collection of all known ROC (Taiwan) Air Force F-16A Block 20 liveries as of 2007. Most of the fleet is divided between the 455th and the 401st Tactical Fighter Wings based at Chiayi and Hualien Air Bases, respectively. The remaining aircraft are kept in the US for training and test purposes. Complete package. Model by Kirk Olsson, panel by Eric Marciano, FSX adaptation by Bob Chicilo, ROCAF repaints and Block 20 panel changes by Mike Huang. 10.8MB
FSX SR-71 Blackbird Update. This is my second update for FS X of the Alphasim SR-71A Blackbird (here). I have tweaked the flight dynamics so you can take it up to 70,000 ft. and cruise at mach 3, changed the afterburner flame effect, and added an effects section. Bob Chicilo. 62K

FSX F-15E Strike Eagle Package , USAFE, RAF Lakenheath. F-15E Strike Eagle of the 492d Fighter Squadron (Madhatters), 48th Fighter Wing (also known as the Liberty Wing), USAFE, RAF Lakenheath. Animated ailerons, all moving tail, rudder, flaps, engine intakes (using the flap keys), airbrake, gear with compression, canopy and lastly emergency tailhook for those dodgy high speed no brakes landings.Included panel and sound. New feature not seen before: Bombs that drop - you may need to assign a key to do that mine uses water rudder and shift W. Unfortunately you won't hear any explosions yet until someone has worked out a way to do it!!! Original aircraft by Coral. repaint by Nathan Fife. 8MB
FSX F16 Fighting Falcon Shaw AFB 9th. Must use a default sound there is not one provided with this plane due too the large size of the file A lear makes a good sound load the effects and the panel with Bob Chicilo read me file provided. A repaint of Kirk Olsson's F16 Viper (Fighting Falcon). Textures created by Mark "Fire Ball" Rooks. 8.9MB