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Vintage Aircraft Page 16
FSX AgCat Package Wheeled version. Based on the Air Tractor this aircraft has been modified to carry two sightseeing passengers in a front cockpit placed where the bulk hopper was originally situated. Model, paint and airfile by Bill Holker. 13.7MB
FSX Supercharged B-24 USAF Night Mission. Just 50 mph faster. Original model by Alphasim. No VC. Uploaded by Wayne Farrell . 6MB
FS2004/FSX Yak 11 Fighter Trainer The Yak-11 design was based in large parts on the successful Yak-3 fighter.It became the Soviet Air Force's most widely used trainer aircraft and the standard fighter trainer in most Eastblock countries. When the Yaks were withdrawn from military service, many were sold for private use and painted to resemble warbirds. Complete plane by A.F.Scrub. 10.2MB
FS2004/FSX Yak 11 Fighter Trainer/Warbird. This is the updated Yak-11 Nr 39 with right wheelwobble and smoke exhaust fixed and a new special version Nr 27 with cleaner cowling, slimmer canopy, retracting tail wheel, wheeldoors and 3 bladed prop with sharper spinner, as produced by Raymond Capel in Romania. Both planes can be flown as single or twoseaters. Complete models by A.F.Scrub. 11.3MB
FSX GA_Curtis C-46 Commando "Taylor Airways" (fictional) Textures & c46gafix only.Requires the original c-46 by Libardo Guzman here. 3.7MB
FSX Lockheed Super Constellation Update. This is my second update for FSX of the Lockheed Super Constellation by Mike Stone (required here). There is also a turbine engine option so you can have reverse thrust. This time I corrected a few lights' positions, changed the view angle, and changed 4 gauges to default gauges so all the gauges will be there for everyone. You don't need the first update for this to work. Bob Chicilo. 235K
FSX/FS2004 Lockheed 9 Orion. The Lockheed Orion was a small, fast commercial transport of wooden construction. A total of 36 Orions of all models were built between 1931 and 1934. Orions were used to set a number of records, and took part in several air races. Included here are four versions in six paint jobs: Varney Speed Lanes, Northwest, American, Swissair, Lineas Aereas Occidentales and Air Express. Varney Speed Lanes was a forerunner of today's Continental Airlines. Version 1.1 for FS2004, FSX and FSX SP2.By Jens B. Kristensen. 20.9MB
FSX/FS2004 Avro 504N. The Avro 504N was the final version of the famous 504 series. It was in production from 1922 to 1931, and served the RAF and several other air arms. RAF and Danish Naval Air Service versions included. Works with FS2004, FSX and FSX SP2. By Jens B. Kristensen. 6.8MB
FSX F-82G Twin Mustang. Uses a Tucano panel. .No VC. Acceleration suggested. Original by Kazunori Ito. Presented by Wayne Farrell. 2.2MB
FSX/FS2004 Martin 130 Clipper. The Martin 130 flying boat were used for Pan American for the first airliner service across the Pacific Ocean. The route was San Francisco - Manila via Hawaii, Midway Island, Wake Island and Guam. Only three M130s were built, and NC14716 'China Clipper' was the first, serving with PanAm from 1935 to 1942, when it was taken over by the U.S. Navy. The model works with FS2004, FSX and FSX SP2. By Jens B. Kristensen. 4.2MB