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Vintage Aircraft Page 9
FSX KLM DC7C and DC7F. KLM was an important user of the DC-7C, operating a fleet of 15 during 1957-65. The DC-7F freighter conversions served until 1969. Repaints by Jens B Kristensen of original model by Greg Pepper and Tom Gibson, flight dynamics by FS Aviator, model, and panel by Tom Gibson. 12.5MB
FSX/FS2004 GA Curtis C-46 Commando Reworked files contain: -Original crew restored. -Original main landing gear restored and reworked based on many pictures. -PANEL.CFG was rewritten: New forard view into cockpit will show runway while taxing using -ZOOM (-50 or less). -VIRTUAL VIEWS around exterior from different windows as passenger location, to enjoy wings, flaps, etc: apply zoom also, if you want to have a complete view. (original file here) Libardo Guzman. 1.8MB

FS2002/Fs2004/FSX Seafang FR 32: The Seafang was the navalized version of Supermarine’s Spiteful, the wings were hydraulically folding upwards and a tailhook was fitted. Seafang was the end of the Spitfire/Seafire line, it has been aptly described as, “A Spitfire too far.”This particular aircraft, Seafang FR 32, VB895, was flown by noted test pilot Mike Lithgow in May 1947 during deck landing trials on HMS Illustrious. Model for 2002/2004/FSX with new airfile, Dp, effects and textures by A.F.Scrub. 9.4MB
FSX/FS2004 Buffalo Air Cargo, Curtiss C-46A (GA) Textures only in BUFFALO Air Cargo (C-FAVO) livery for the new and beautyful Libardo Guzman/CalClassic's Curtiss C46A Commando (original file here). Repaint by Manuele Villa. 1.4MB
FSX/2004Bush Flying Unlimited, Curtiss C-46A (GA) Textures only in 'Bush Flying Unlimited' livery for the new and beautyful Libardo Guzman/CalClassic's Curtiss C46A Commando. Repaint by Manuele Villa. 1.5MB
FSX Beriev BE-12 Russian Navy. BE-12P Russian NAVY. Maritime reconnaissance, electronic warfare, anti-submarine and SAR amphibian flying boat. Adapted for FSX from the Vlad Zhyhulskiy original. No VC. 13.5MB
FSX Northrop XB-35 Flying Wing. The XB-35 was the first Northrop flying wing bomber design. And,XB-35 was produced as a candidate of 10~10 bombers (The amount equipped with 10,000 bombs and 10,000 bomber with the cruising range of mile) who had been planned for the European front of World War II. However, it was not selected because of vibration problem of Contra-Rotating Propeller and loads of bomb that are fewer than that of expectation etc. Modified from Kazunori Ito's FS2004 Model. 15.5MB
FSX Horten Ho-229v3 r2. The Horten Ho-229 was a World War II prototype flying wing fighter/bomber. Designed by Reimar and Walter Horten and powered by two Jumo 004B turbojets it was built to carry a 1,000 kg load for 1,000 km at 1,000 km/h. This is an updated version with 6 skins and visual model from Kazunori Ito’s FS 2004 Ho229ab version and flight model from Jay McDaniel/Scott Gentile CFS3 ho_229v5 version. It has been adapted to FSX with a new instrument panel and gauges based on original Ho-229 photographs (no VC). Integration and gauges by Fred Highland. Version r2 is the compute aircraft with impoved cockpit graphics and more realistic aero modelling. 17.6MB
FSX Caproni Stipa Package. Yes this aircraft was built back in the 1930’s and did fly. A replica is in existence in Queensland Australia. Here I need to thank Lynette Zuccoli from Seqair who kindly took the trouble to send me art work for the model and whose article first alerted my interest in the A/C. Model and Paint by Bill Holker. Gauges and Airfile are stock FS standards. 6.5MB
FSX/FS2004/FS2002 Seafire XVII: This model was specialy made for FSX but it flies perfectly in Fs8/9 too. The Seafire Mk.17 was powered by a 1850hp Rolls Royce Griffon VI engine giving it a maximum speed of 383 mph at 13,500 ft. It was armed with two Hispano 20mm cannons, four 0.303 in Browning MGs and up to eight rockets or 500 lb of bombs mounted beneath the fuselage and wings. This late production Seafire variant had a distinctive look, and impressive performance. This model was flown on board the HMS Illustrious during September 1949. Too late for wartime service, it served till 1954 with the Naval Reserve Units. Complete upgrade with new model,airfile, Dp, effects and textures by A.F.Scrub. 7.4MB