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End User License Agreement
Last Updated: April 2006

Unless otherwise noted, all files downloaded from the HJG website are the copyright of Historic Jetliners Group. All rights reserved.

Some files have additional copyright belonging to other individuals and/or organizations. Check accompanying documentation of all files for details.

We allow files that you have repainted to be uploaded to FREEWARE ONLY websites, NO file may be sent or uploaded to FSPLANET.

NONE of the files hosted on this website can be directly linked for download from another external website. This is strictly NOT allowed. External direct links are monitored and will be deleted.

By downloading any files from this website, you agree to the following:

No use may be made of these files without the express written permission of the Historic Jetliners Group. Contact information is available on the HJG homepage. (http://www.simviation.com/hjg/)

All repaints or modifications for which permission is granted MUST credit the original creators in both the text file in the archive, the model itself, and any text descriptions uploaded with the file.

All model or model manufacturer names, logos, marks, or other identifiable symbols are the copyrights of said airline or airplane manufacturer. The likenesses contained at this site are artists interpretations. The Historic Jetliner Group is in no way associated with said companies.

The files from the Historic Jetliners Group may NOT be sold, traded or bartered for legal tender in any way, shape or form, or uploaded where a per-file fee to download is charged. This includes CD compilations, and bonus disks.

In no case will HJG files, or any parts of HJG files be uploaded and posted at the www.fsplanet.com site.