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Historic Aircraft Links

Looking for more? Here are some of our favorite flight simulator related websites to visit.

Roskilde Airshow is held at Roskilde Airport every second year - first time in 1995. The purpose is to promote the interest of flying for a wide spectra of people. The Airshow shall appeal to audience at all ages and give them a thrilling experience with air show and exhibitions related to both civil and military flying now and in the past.


The first stop off point for FS files and our hosting website


A superb web site hosting many files for Jon Murchison's aircraft, dedicated to FSX


A superb website dedicated to BAe panels


Flight Simulator related news, downloads and forums.

A one-stop resource for everything old and British.

David Matby's excellent aircraft models, featuring classic British built airliners such as the BAC 1-11, Vickers VC-10 and much more.

Offering a variety of services, including a library of downloadable files, FAQs and other text information, message forums where people can meet, product reviews, industry news and more. By bringing all this together in one place FlightSim.Com provides the support that both beginning and expert flight simulator users need to keep their sim usage enjoyable and educational.

Your source for vintage flight plans, AFCAD files, and resources for the
Microsoft Flight Simulator environment.

Rick Piper's Paintshop featuring many classic British airline liveries.

Devoted to the Microsoft Flight Simulator simulation of the classic prop liners flying in California, from the DC-3 to the final glory days (before the mid 1970's).

A new Military AI-focused website/forum still under its way up, pay them a visit.

For those of you that think FS lags some military, this should be the place to visit.
Specialized in British Military Aviation

FS Lightman

A new site by David Grindele, with focus on the A2A 3D Lights and Redux
Includes a range of screenshots and videos too

FS Projects

Peter Slaters site with quite a few goodies
Well worth a visit!

Project Opensky Archive (POSKY)

This particular FS freeware group is no longer in existance but their original models and supporting files "ARE" all still available per above mentioned website address Here one can find the very best 3D models (by Hiroshi IGAMI) representing the A330-200/300, A340-200/300, B737 NG SERIES, B747-100/200/300/400/-8/and -SP, B757-200/300, B767-200/300/400, B777-200/300, CRJ-200/700/900, EMB-135/-140/-145/and LEGACY 600 along an extensive selection of supporting POSKY produced textures for these.
PLEASE NOTE: Technial support no longer provided for any of these files.

Flightsimulator Freeware Sceneries

Looking for a particular freeware scenery for FS?
Then one need not look further than the above mentioned website address This particular website lists hundreds of freeware scenery files for FS2002, FS2004, and FSX. It is constantly updated and provides direct linking to the source of each individual listed scenery file download.