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  Scenery Page 71
Sion LSGS, Turtmann LSMJ and Raron LSMN are part of hard surface airports located in Valais / Wallis in the Swiss Alps. This package contains modified airports files for these three locations and a traffic file for the area. I corrected the elevation altitude reference of the default helipad in Sion in accordance with the airport's elevation. This avoids a crash or a "sinking in the ground helicopter" when landing on the default helipad at Sion airport. For the rest I added parkings, gates, links etc. to allow AI traffic in Turtmann and Raron and on both runways in Sion. The traffic file has general aviation flight plans in the area. Easy to install. Nice area to fly. Airports modifications files made with AFCAD, traffic files with SimpleAI and TTools. Switzerland: Sion, Turtmann, Raron: by Michel Revaz. 445K
FS2004 Tarawa Airport , Republic of Kiribati in the South Pacific.Includes Bonriki Intl. airport. New AFCAD. New LandClass. Redesign of the Atoll with roads, ponds etc. By Jorge Pagano. 4.3MB
FS2004 "Colorado Hops". For helicopter lovers. In this scenery you will find several spots around Denver, CO. Updated Jeffco airport ("Rotors of the Rockies" hangars, new control tower, new main building, Fire station, McCair building, R22 School...), helipads in some airports in the near area, S&R Base, "The Fort", "Manor House", Mountain Resort, Swedish Medical Center, North Suburban Medical Center, St Anthony North Hospital...by LBMartin. 9.7MB
FS2004 The Menai Suspension Bridge Project - between North Wales & Anglesey in UK. Menai Suspension Bridge scenery for flight simulator 2004 by Dyl Roberts. 1.7MB
FS2002/2004 Kourou Space Center French Guiana. The European spaceport in French Guyana. You can explore the pads and the ESA facilities : the ELA 1, 2 and 3 pads and others majors infrastructures. And if You flight around ELA 1, you can look a future Vega laucher on the pad. Inclued, the Port of the Degrades, the city of Kourou, the local road network and the Kourou little airfield. Scenery by GaŽl LE BRIS - Distributed by COGITO. 1.7MB
FS2004 SOCA Rochambeau, International Airport of French Guyana. "ROCHAMBEAU" is a detailed scenery of the International Airport of French Guyana. This scenery has been created under the ask of Wilfrid who had given to me all of photos and documentations about this airport, thank to him and his freinds of Guyana for theire airport wiews. Thank to JoŽl Lemki, webmaster of:( http://fsguyane.info/ ) for his help and his participation for textures release about Rochambeau airport and his great work in the developpement of Guyana sceneries for FS. Great thank to Yannick Mille, webmaster of:( www.fsfrance.com) for using ground vehicles textures of his beautifull Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport scenery release:"RealCDG". Delblond Christian. 4.6MB
FS2004 Fictional Tropical Island. Situated in the middle of the Carribean. Gareth Scott. 2MB
FS2004 New Water Effects. This is my first offering to the FS World. It's a new set of water textures that really enhance the water world. After considerable mixing and matching, I stumbled upon this mix. I find it greatly enhances the FS Water. I have included 2 screenshots of the results in case anyone wants to know what the water looks like. Be warned though, your taste may differ from mine so always make a backup of your files before modifying anything. I take no credit whatsoever of these files. Original credit goes to Chrisitan H. Halden and Kevin Rangel. A big word of thanks to both. I have in no way modified or updated any of their works. Just a simple game of mix and match. Ashar Khan. 12.9MB
FS2004 Incirlik Air Base near Adana, Turkey. Incirlik is currently home to the 39th Air Base Wing which hosts deployed aicraft in support of world-wide operations. The base has been involved in Operations Northern Watch, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom and has seen a recent increase in the number of airlift sorties due to the closing of Rhein-Main Air Base. Created using an official U.S. Air Force diagram and Ian McCartney's excelent HAS models. Includes AFCAD with parking for 57 fighter aircraft. By Matt Magner. 792K

FS2004 Spanish "Los LLanos Air Base" (LEAB) Scenery Package, about 100KM2 of a good photo real area around LEAB Air Base. Enjoy and fly like a Mirage F1M Spanish pilot. LeAB Scenery is a v1.2005 beta version we will working in a new best and full version. By Manuel Marin Carrion. 65.7MB