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  Scenery Page 104
FS2004 San Juan, Puerto Rico Area Scenery Package. This package contains high resolution ground scenery for San Juan, Puerto Rico, covering the area around the Luis Munoz Marin Intl. (TJSJ) and large parts of the city of San Juan and vicinity. It covers an area of 11*22 km in highly detailed 1.2m/pix resolution. Although this scenery can be used stand alone as well it is best combined with my two base-sceneries"Puerto Rico East" and "Puerto Rico West" which cover the whole island of Puerto Rico in 4.7m/pix resolution and match perfectly in color and everything. They are available at Simviation and http://www.blueskyscenery.com . .Gottfried Razek. 94MB
FS2004 Honololo Pan American Cliper Port. It's the year 1935 and the Pan American Airway's China Clipper is making it's first trans-pacific airmail flight from San Francisco to Honolulu, Midway Island, Wake Island, Guam, Manila and The Philippines. "The China Clipper " Juan Trippe and the Boeing 314. Born in 1899, Trippe was the icon of a successful Eastern banking family. He learned to fly during WWI and later founded the Yale Flying Club. At Yale he befriended the Vanderbilts, who shared his love of aviation. He founded his first airline in 1922. Long Island Airways was chartered with seven war surplus pontoon-equipped biplanes. It was the genesis of Pan American World Airways, the dominant overseas air carrier in the 40s and 50s. Trippe is shown here surveying routes on his famous globe. The Boeing 314 was the largest, fastest, and most luxurious airplane ever built when it inaugurated service in January 1939. The Yankee Clipper was the first of twelve 314 Clippers built for Pan Am. All were purchased by the Navy for courier service during WWII. The development of long-range, land-based passenger aircraft during the war guaranteed the demise of the flying boat after the war and none of the B-314s survived the scrap heap. Come and take a trip into the past. Join us in the friendly and helpful skies of VintageATC. By Kenny Fox. 3MB
FS2004 KTVL South Lake Tahoe Scenery. South Lake TahoeVirtual Charters is proud to introduce our home airport scenery for FS2004. I created this scenery for South Lake Tahoe Virtual Charters. You will find our home office there at KTVL. We hope you will enjoy your experience with us in the world of virtual flight. At South Lake Tahoe Virtual Charters we service many airports of various sizes; from difficult inbounds and outbounds that require a certain degree of skill, to easier run of the mill social flights. We use VFR and IFR. At South Lake Tahoe Virtual Charters our aim is to provide a realistic atmosphere of flight in the virtual arena. We have no restrictions placed upon our pilots, but we do ask that as a member you log 5 hours per month on a VintageATC's multiserver. Our schedule is varied. We are not required to fly only at South Lake Tahoe, but it is our home. We can and will fly anywhere. So now load up your flight sim and go down to KTVL and hop into your deHavilland Beaver and come fly with us. Whether a Dehavilland Beaver Amphibian, or a deHavilland Otter DHC-3 come enjoy the flying, and beautiful scenery of Lake Tahoe, and the back countries of the Sierra Nevada, Canada, Alaska, the Australian Outback, And Beyond. By Kenny Fox. 7.2MB
FS2004 TreeX - Photorealistic Autogen trees for FS2004 and 2002. See also TreeX for FSX here. Aimé Leclercq. 1.3MB
FS2004 WW2 training fields in Kansas and Nebraska Scenery. These fields are portrayed as they are now. You will need the RWY 12 libraries installed (here). Lists of included airfields Bruning AAF Bruning, Nebraska Coffeyville AAF Coffeyville, Kansas Coffeyville aux #3 Edna, Kansas watch out for the trees. Fairmont AAF Fairmont, Nebraska Grand Island AAF Grand Island, Nebraska Harvard AAF Harvard, Nebraska Herington AAF Herington, Kansas Kearney AAF Kearney, Nebraska Great Bend AAF Great Bend, Kansas McCook AAF McCook, Nebraska Pratt AAF Pratt, Kansas Walker AAF Victoria, Kansas. By Robert Pearson. 1MB
FS2004 Lighthouse Gmax Model. Gmax model ready for export in makemdl. Fx. files in effekts folder is to be placed in effects folder in FS9, after compiling with Your location of the lighthouse. this adds lights to the lighthouse. Place the bgl. files in Your scenery folder, together with the lighthouse.bgl, wich one You allso must recompile with the location of You choise. Do not change altitude in xml files, only location, wich must be the same in all three xml files before compiling. By Claus Vendelboe Holmberg. 506K
FS2004 Death Valley Desert Strip. Death Valley DS was constructed as a location to test the F1 Reno Racer ARX-6 Roadrunner at low altitudes. This place even sports the world's lowest Formula 1 race course! But now that the ARX-6 has been released, this facility has been converted to a desert retreat. It now sports a swimming pool, BBQ and eating area. It's still used occasionally as a test facility for other things and as a filming location. Scenery by Joshua B. Nyhus. 2.9MB
FS2004 LHD Strategic Projection Ship Juan Carlos I Scenery, Spain. Now under construction by Navantia in the shipyard of Fene-Ferrol, Spain. She will be delivered to the Spanish Armada in the beginning of 2008. She combines the ability of performing amphibious operations and helicopter and V-STOL flight operations, with AV8B+ Harrier and probably JSF 35. Two other LHD twin ships are going to be built for the Australian navy by Navantia and Tenix industries. Alberto García Lledó. 1.3MB
FS2004 Torrance, California Area Scenery Package. This package contains high resolution ground scenery for Torrance, California, containing the area around the airport KTOA and the whole Palos Verde Peninsula. It connects seamlessly to my "Downtown Long Beach" scenery and will be connected later to the LAX area to the north. It covers an area of 17*17 km in highly detailed 1.2m/pix resolution. Gottfried Razek/ www.blueskyscenery.com. 98.8MB
FS2004 USS Saratoga CV-3. The USS Saratoga was commisioned in 1927 and served until 1946. It was the sister ship to the USS Lexington CV-2. This FSDSv3/Gmax project has a hard deck for carrier operations. It has a rotating beacon, a wake effect and a smoke effect. It has a night map texture for night time carrier ops. It is located just outside Pearl Harbor. The necessary files are included so it can be moved to other locations with Bglcomp (not included). By Paul Clawson. 326K