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  Scenery Page 60
FS2004 Southeast ANG Military AI Package. Almost everything needed to fully activate the 13 Air National Guard F-15, F-16, C-130 and KC-135 squadrons of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Missouri. Also includes AFRC F-16 squadron at Homestead ARB. Includes models, repaints, flightplans, quality AFCADs and callsign voicepacks. Package integrated by Dan Bourque. 8.6MB
FS2004 Princess Juliana International Airport, TNCM, of St-Maarten Netherlands Antilles. "TNCM" Princess Juliana is the scenery of the International Airport of St-Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles. This scenery is very detailled, to see alls littles details use: EXTREMLY COMPLEXE option in FS but I recommand to you don't use the FS scenery shadow option when you flyng on this airport to have better performances. Delblond Christian. 4.8MB
FS2004 WTC helipad fix. This is a fix for Ben Pooley's World Trade Centre (here)with startable helipad. It allows you to use the pad on FS9.
FS2004 AI Flightplans for FRA Aviation Falcons FRA operate from Durham/Teeside, and are often used by the UK military for training. this pack will add some FRA Falcons to FS9. Dave Charlerston. 540K
FS2004 Leeward Field, Guantanamo Bay Scenery. Infamously known as 'the only piece of free land in Cuba', Naval Station Guantanamo Bay is home to over 520 detainees and 9,500 US Armed Forces who are protected by the largest mine field in the Western hemisphere. Utilizing Airport for Windows and Rwy12, I have improved the default scenery for Leeward Field, the airport that serves the base. I have also included some flight plans to bring the airfield to life. Requires Runway12_ObjectPlacer.zip (here) and Nova Gold Textures 1 (here).By Matt Magner. 789K
FS2004 Detroit Metro (KDTW) Scenery. DTW scenery for fs2004. Adds a new and improved midfield terminal. Updates the old terminal and international terminal. Includes runway 12 gates that can be romoved for better frame rate performance. Includes AFCAD 2 file. Requires NOVA GOLD TEXTURES 1 (here) By Mike Magner. 439K
FS2004 Ultimate Night Environment This package will greatly enhance night lighting for all buildings, bridges, landmarks, vehicles and all major airports throughout the world. By Maurice Roenick. 35MB
FS2004 Steves Island - 3225 Victoria BC. Steves Island is a 2 minute chopper ride from Victoria Intl (CYYJ) or you could charter a boat and dock at the islands jetty! Hire one of the many static caravans that are on site and have a leisurely weekend canoeing, fishing, sailing. Bring the kids too so they can enjoy the circus & funfair.Requires Runway12_ObjectPlacer.zip (here) & Lago FSE for this scenery. By Steve Caine. 762K
FS2004 Corrientes City Airport, North east Argentina ( SARC ). Includes Resistencia-Corrientes bridge.New AFCAD2 and Landclass.By Jorge Pagano. 2.2MB
FS2004 Historical Hatfield Aerodrome, UK. The de Havilland/Hawker Siddeley / British Aerospace factory that opened in 1930 as a flying club and closed in 1993. Famous types such as the Comet racer, Mosquito, Comet airliner, Trident, HS125 and BAe 146 were designed or built here. Additionally, the Manor Road site made propellers, engines (piston, jets and rockets) and even an ICBM which went on to form the basis for the European space program. Latterly the site designed the Airbus A300 and A310 wings. Today the site has become an enterprise park & no airfield exists. By Toby Vickers. 1.8MB