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  Vintage Page 38
FS2004 Latham-47 . Twin-engined biplane flying boat. This particular aircraft was flown by Roald Amundsen on the attempt to rescue members of italian expedition on the "Italia" airship. By Alexander Belov. 1MB
FS2004/2002 Messershmitt Me262-HG3. Luft'46 Art Aircraft Series No.15. This is final shape that Messershmit Me262 evolved. Because mass production was sped up, the aerodynamic design of Me262 to which the compromise is compelled has been completely improved. The reduction of air resistance was attempted by storing the engine in the main wing with an increase in the sweepback angle of the main wing. Moreover, The performance of over 1000Km/h was scheduled by change in Hes011 of high power as for the engine. Two kind of paint examples are included. by Kazunori Ito. 2.4MB
FS2004 B-29 Superfortress 'Mania(C)' Textures. Updated tail section textures (high-res) for the Superfortress 'mania' representations of all A/C of the 509th CG addon pack (file 'B29_913.zip'). The files 'B29B_910.zip', 'B29_913.zip' and the patch 'B29_987.zip' are required (here/here)). Refer to the included README to copy these textures to their correct folders. By Tom Kohler & Phil Crowter. 9.1MB
FS2004 B-29 Superfortress ('Mania') Update. Added / updated 'Calendar Girls' for those who already are tired from that from 06-1945 Can be used for B-29 from the files 'B29B_910.zip', 'B29_913.zip' and 'B29_914.zip' (here/here). Refer to the included README to copy these textures to their correct folders. By Tom Kohler. 5.1MB
FS2004/CFS2/FS2002 Ryan Fireball Package - New Version. The Fireball was a mixed power twin engine radial/jet fighter bomber. WWII was almost over by the time it entered service. Only 100 planes became operational with the US Navy. They flew on board VS-21.This update shows aircraft B17. You get new textures, effects,special piston/jet sounds and new flight dynamics for the Fireball. Now you can fly using piston power only,jet power only or mixed power. A.F.Scrub. 13.6MB
FS2004 Corrected Upate for H6K Mavis Flying Boat by Kazunori Ito (here). I have changed some lights, deleted one light, removed the two sets of landing gear from the contact points section, repositioned a scrape point, repositioned the water rudders, and updated the flight dynamics. Bob Chicilo. 116K
FS2004 Albatross DIII (OAW) Package : This model is for use with Microsoft Flight Sim 2004 (FS9) and was made using Abacus Flight Sim Design Studio v2.24. This is a multi res model with several animations. Features include 2 colour schemes Detailed engine with animated parts. Use the Spoiler key to reveal more of the engine All moving control wires within Virtual Cockpit Can be started from cold within Virtual Coclpit by using gauges Use L key for simulated gunfire Model by Stuart Green. 4.3MB

FS2004 "P-38 Pair" Lockheed P-38J & F-5 ver. 2.2. This package includes two workhorses of the war: the P-38J Lightning and its close cousin, the F-5 Photo Lightning. Five textures are included for the J (D-Day, Marge, Porky II, California Cutie and YIPPEE). The F-5 is Queenie, which saw action in the ETO with the 33rd PRS. Full-featured FSDS2 models. Complete package, including authentic P-38 sounds recorded by the author. Includes some gauges by Mike Wagner and Chuck Dome. Ver 2.2 includes all-new VC, two new textures by Dan Swart, flight model improvements and other enhancements. By David C. Copley. 24.7MB

FS2004 Travel Air Package. The first production Travel Air B established such a good reputation in the First National (Ford) Air Tour in 1925 that the company sold 19 the same year. In 1928 the model B was designated the Model 2000. Orders increased until 1930, when Model 2000 production ceased, with 1,550 built. One of the classic aircraft of the late 1920s it is not surprising that the Travel Air was a good airplane considering that Walter Beech, Clyde Cessna, and Lloyd Stearman were all involved in its design and production. This resource of talent produced an aircraft that was known for reliability, ease of maintenance, and a delight to fly. With a range of 425 miles, barnstormers could hop passenger rides in and out of small fields all day. Notice the huge balanced ailerons giving the plane the nickname Old Elephant Ears. By Lynn and Bill Lyons. 18.4MB
FS2004 PBY-5A Catalina - Petrobras Textures only. This is a repaint of Mike Stone's excellent PBY-5A CATALINA in the colors of Brazilian Petroleum company: PETROBRAS. It contains only the texture files. You need Mike's PBY-5A CATALINA here. Repaint by Carlos Marques. 147K