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  Aircraft Design Home Page

Designing your own aircraft can be an immensely rewarding experience & is a hobby enjoyed by enthusiasts across the world. Designers range in age from 12 to 70 & probably beyond! However learning to design an aircraft will require you to do some learning & practice. There are many useful resources available including forums & tutorials.

Making any 3d design software capable of producing Flight Simulator aircraft can be a complex & intense task & hence there are no freeware versions available. The list below covers the whole range of design packages that have produced 99% of all add-on aircraft.

The following links contain downloads, accessories, plugins & Information


Software Development Kits (SDK's)

Microsoft Flight Simulator X ESP SDK

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight Software Development Kits


FS Design Studio - now in Version 3: A versatile & easy to learn FS Design Utility By Louis Sinclair - produces FS2004, FS2002, FS2000 & CFS2 aircraft & 3d objects.


G-Max : 3d CAD style design utility specifically aimed towards MSFS. Initially came with Flight Simulator 2002 Professional Edition & is used for FS2004, FS2002 & CFS3 aircraft

AD-2000. Aircraft Designer 2002 v1.2 LT. AD2K2 is a tool dedicated to the designers of aircraft for Flight Simulator 2002™, Combat Flight Simulator 2™ and later version of Flight Simulator. Attention: this completely functional freeware version (password FREE-WARE) is only for private use and gives no possibility of access to a technical support. The only available help is in the tutorial file and ONLY in the tutorial file (included).. Copyright Hervé Devred/A.C.T. publishing/Michel Melchior. Download 4.4MB

Aircraft Factory : 'Aircraft Factory 99' was/is a 3d design program available from Abacus Publications & produced FS98 & CFS1 aircraft. Though 'Out of Print', it may be available 2nd hand - if you really want it.


General Aircraft Design Utilities & Plugins : A host of Plugins & Utililities for animating, texturing, etc.


Design Adoption - where designers can offer their head a rest & offer their projects to others to finish or learn from !


3 View Resources - Invaluable resource for designers. courtesy of Felix Rodriguez
Aircraft Repaint Kits

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