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End User License Agreement
(January 2017 revision)

These terms and conditions supersede that of all previous HJG EULA documentation. It is not possible for HJG to update individual EULA documentation contained within previously released files.
Except where otherwise acknowledged all files downloaded from the HJG website are Historic Jetliners Group copyright.
Some files have additional copyright belonging to other individuals and/or organizations. Check documentation accompanying all files for details or consult with HJG administration for further information.
HJG allows texture files "you have painted" for its models to be uploaded to "FREEWARE" websites only.
HJG reserves the right to import externally uploaded files intended for use with any of its products and represent these on this website. This may be done without consultation with the respective author/supplier. In such cases HJG will credit such files to the author/s concerned.
HJG accepts files produced by non-group members provided these meet strict quality requirements. All files are accepted by HJG on a strictly "not to be removed" basis. This applies to all files supplied by group members also. No currently uploaded file may be replaced or duplicated without prior knowledge or consent from HJG administration.  
"NONE" of the files hosted on the HJG website may be directly linked to for download from other external websites. This is strictly "FORBIDDEN". The HJG website is monitored for external direct linking and such links will be removed without notice.
By downloading any file from the HJG website you agree to the following :-
No use may be made of any of HJG file (this includes effects, FDE, imagery, models, modules, panels/gauges, soundpacks, and textures) without express written permission of the Historic Jetliners Group or author/s of the original files. In this case contact HJG administration at the following website address :-
All repaints or modifications to existing HJG repaints or any other file for which permission is granted "MUST" credit the original authors per text information accompanying each individual file.
HJG reserves the right to demand externally uploaded files not conforming to its EULA terms and conditions or for which release consent has not been sought or granted be removed without notice.
HJG reserves the right to remove any file from this website without prior notice.
Files from the Historic Jetliners Group "MAY NOT" be sold, traded, or bartered for legal tender in any way shape or form or uploaded where a per-file fee to download is charged. This also includes CD compilations and bonus disks.
The likenesses of any HJG file to real world products, names, logos, marks, brands is "artists interpretation only". The Historic Jetliner Group is in no way associated or affiliated with any of the said real world products and/or companies.
The aircraft and their model names and all other products, brands and descriptions appearing on this website may be trademarked. Their use herein is for identification purposes only. These products are neither produced nor endorsed by the manufacturers mentioned or Microsoft® Corporation Inc. Microsoft®, Windows, FS2002, FS2004, and FSX are registered trademarks of Microsoft® Corporation Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other products and brands are trademarks of their respective owners.