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Historic Aircraft Links

Looking for more? Here are some of our favorite flight simulator related websites to visit.



Please Note: This listing is provided for informational use only. Despite our best efforts to maintain safe links, we cannot accept any responsibility for the pages or their content of any site listed here.


The first stop off point for FS files and our hosting website


Flight Simulator related news, downloads and forums. 

Offering a variety of services, including a library of downloadable files, FAQs and other text information, message forums where people can meet, product reviews, industry news and more. By bringing all this together in one place FlightSim.Com provides the support that both beginning and expert flight simulator users need to keep their sim usage enjoyable and educational.

A one-stop resource for everything old and British.

David Matby's excellent aircraft models, featuring classic British built airliners such as the BAC 1-11, Vickers VC-10 and much more.

Your source for vintage flight plans, AFCAD files, and resources for the
Microsoft Flight Simulator environment.

Devoted to the Microsoft Flight Simulator simulation of the classic prop liners flying in California, from the DC-3 to the final glory days (before the mid 1970's).

For those of you that think FS lags some military, this should be the place to visit.
Specialized in British Military Aviation

Flightsimulator Freeware Sceneries

Looking for a particular freeware scenery for FS?
Then one need not look further than the above mentioned website address This particular website lists hundreds of freeware scenery files for FS2002, FS2004, and FSX. It is constantly updated and provides direct linking to the source of each individual listed scenery file download.

The Best Airplane Information, Aviation Photos and Aviation News

A world renowned photo database, to our unsurpassed aircraft/airliner database, and our active, friendly, and informative aviation discussion forums, JetPhotos is truly a standout in the internet aviation community.


Aviation Photos, Aviation Fleets and More