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CFS CO Panel This a gamer panel for fun only resembles a modern civil airplane panel with a CFS GPS, WW2 Pacific GPS,radio stack,and many other goodies, This Panel was assembled by Ickie Berleim. 1.9MB

A Realistic yet still Functional P38 panel for CFS/CFS2. This is a pre- release, so it would be available for use with the upcoming CFS2. The included Gunsight Swapper is by RAF_Rush and the panel by Bear2790. 193K

Fix: Replaces the fuel pressure gauge with the correct one (suction gauge). This will hopefully be the final update for the p38 Glacier Girl panel (top portion) by Bear2790. 30K

Alt109_pan. Another alternative for the 109 panel. Just a little tweaking done to give the player a (for lack of a better word), "cooler" and more realistic feeling view, while allowing more space for situational awareness. Installation: Uses stock guages. Just unzip wherever you want and copy both files (bitmap and panel.cfg) into whatever plane you want to. Enjoy Dan Griffin. 183K

CFS_AltPans Alternate Panels Here ar six tweaked panels from stock planes. All give a more "immersive" feel and look and also aid in situational awareness. Most flyers should consider these an improvement. The list includes: Fw190, Hurricane, Spitfire, P47, P51, and Me109. Happy flying! Dan Griffin. 1.3MB
A collection of panels for eight of the now flyable aircraft in CFS2 P40, Kate, Val, SBD, TBD, TBF,P39, and the Oscar. Assembled by Brian K. Howland from various talented designers work - with technical help from Hawkeye And Jimbo. Made with cfgedit.. 1.9MB
CFS or CFS2 Hawker Tempest Panel using all stock gauges correctly placed, by Ben Shelton. Made with CFGEDIT using a modified Chuck Dome background bitmap. 133K

Me109Panel. I wasn't satisfied with my Me109 panel, so I redid it in what I think is my last and best variation. For CFS1 & 2 (uses stock guages). Enjoy. by Dan Griffin. 270K

P47Panel. Just an improved version (slightly larger, more to proper scale) of my P47 panel. Maybe it can be used for some of those T-birds for CFS2 that really need a good panel. For both Combat Similators 1 and 2. by Dan Griffin. 313K
Hurri(dg)pan Here ia an improvement to my earlier Hurricane panel mod. Things are more to scale. For CFS1 & 2 by Dan Griffin. 310K

F2a_pan Here is my modification of the f2a Buffalo panel by John Lancaster, whose version incorporates work from Pentti Kurkinen's original. For CFS1 & 2. Use it with the excellent Buffalos they've put together. by Dan Griffin. 500K