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Reworked p-38 panel, The original Creator of this panel is Bruno Duffort who gets all due credit for the original.I thank him for this panel . I reworked the starters ( they were inexistant) so that each individual engine may be started and shut down in case of emergency. I also added a nav panel accessed by shift+3 includes both cfs gps and E gps along with an autopilot. As an afterthought I added an auto trim gauge and a Cfo fuel refuel gauge along with a clock so that night flight is selectable from the cockpit. CS_acolyte. 506K

CFS and CFS2 B25j Panel Discription: Mitchel B25j panel with moving yoke and rudder pedels. By: Ickie Berleim. 2.1MB
A26 Invader Panel for CFS1 only Based on an original by Gerry Schmidt,is built to give a real WW2 feeling:provides also ADF and reprogrammable-preset GPS with all CFS1 airfield. By Paolo Kromberg. 1.3MB
CFS1 FJ1 Fury Panel Panel Set for the FJ1 Fury US Navy Fighter, which can be also be used for the FJ3 Fury. Comprising Look-ahead Panel, Look-down Panel, Close-up Gunsight, HUD overlay discretes, and Chuck Dome GPS preprogrammed with European and Korean Airfields, and Korean War Aircraft Carriers. By Mike Eustace. 957K
CFS1 La-7 Panel Combat Panel Set for La-7 Lavochkin Fighter. Comprising Main Panel look-ahead-view, Close-Up Gunsight, HUD overlay discretes in Russian Cyrillics, and Chuck Dome's GPS system with European and Korean airfields pre-programmed. By Mike Eustace. 320K

CFS1 P-51D Nav Panel: This panel was designed by me for all you navigation nuts in mind...(like me) with the use of Ed Struzynski's excellent CFGEdit program. William J. Fuca. 878K

NavPanelUpdate.zip 11K

CFS1 & 2 109dg_fnl Panel. After numerous versions and modifications, finally my release of the Me109 is done. 1024x768 res only. Uses stock gauges. Happy flying! By Dan Griffin. 369K
CFS 1 & 2 P39dg_v2 A much-needed update to my earlier effort. Now you have your choice of standard brown or green. Uses stock gauges. Enjoy. by Dan Griffin. 842K
CFS smooth & nearly photorealistic B-29 panel, only small changes have been made to fit the real B-29 cockpit into CFS. Includes excellent P. Casey working bombsight.SERGIO QUINTELA. 2.2MB
All in 1 panel For Flight Simulator 98 and Combat Flight Simulator1 . This panel has everything, you could need for: - navigation - helicopters - carrier landings - fighting I have not tried to make a realistic panel, this panel should be suitable for as many as possible situations while simming. The panel includes a Head Up Display, an H_World map with VOR and ILS frequencies, plus Ramrod's complete H_World GPS. Simon Wunderlin AKA H_Spliffster. 1.1MB