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CFS1 Jet Panel Modern jet panel custom built for CFS1. Excellent forward viewability for carrier landings or other uses. Includes CSS Europe map, ADF and GPS listings and the CSS GPS, with all standard CFS airfields. Autopilot, VOR, ADF and DME also added for CFS Navigation. The MFD is a 3 in 1 function, flight dyanmics, engine monitors and ILS. The cockpit gauges are almost all digital. File size 911kb Rick Herring
CFS1 Generic Fighter Panel. Utilizes a true HUD, displaying speed in MPH, Altitude, Heading and Gun counter. Windows for GPS list, ADF List, Europe map, and a Nav panel consisting of Autopilot, GPS, and Radios. The nose is visible to give a more realistic feel of flying. The nose can be recolored in Windows paint program to match the color of the plane you are install to. Default color here is Navy blue. Self Install of panel and gauges after selecting Aircraft. Double click Aircraft name, then proceed with install. Please read more info in install program. Freeware, File size 1.18MB Rick Herring. 1.2MB
CFS1 Generic PANEL. High visiblity World War 2 style panel. Great over the nose visibility for such things as carrier approaches. The gauges are easy to read, due too limiting of cockpit gauges to the most important only. Rick Herring . 754K
Generic Bomber panel for CFS1 Designed for use in multiplayer games. Utilizes twin panels, consisting of a Pilot panel, and a Co-pilot panel. The Aircraft is flyable from either side because the main flight gauges are identical on both sides. The Co-pilot side contains radios, navigational equipment and other things not requiring constant attention. Both sides have an autopilot switch so that switching panels is not needed to land or climb etc.. I have tried to use old style gauges to give an authentic look to the panel even though the panel is not styled after any particular aircraft. ADF Listing, Europe Map, and for those not having NDB beacons installed a CFS GPS can be accessed by pressing Shift 3, 4, and 5 respectivley. Freeware as always Rick Herring . 1MB
CFS1 Panel set. This is a set of panels for the Gloster F-8 Meteor based on some photographs I took inside a real Meteor cockpit displayed at the Midland Air Museum, Coventry. I'd like to thank the staff there for making my visit so enjoyable. Features look-up, look-down & gunsight views. The panel is sized at 640x480 for those of us who don't have Monster PCs. By Mike Eustace. 1.7MB
B29 Panel. This panel includes a working bomb sight. by P Casey. 2MB
Heinkel He 219´s panel. Simplified version (no GPS) made on Steve Downing´s Uhu´s panel. Right position of instruments as can be seen on He 219 located at Paul Garber´s restoration center-USA (the only He219 surviving WWII). Enjoy. Ricardo Rubio. 1.1MB
CFS1 MultiPanel: This is a panel that I would reccomend for any light single or twin engine aeroplane on CFS1. This was the first panel that I made, and I could not then write a panel *cfg file, so I will give full credit to the Sukhoi SU26 file by 'Kouzou Maki' You can see very obvious similarities in not only the *cfg, but also in the actual background! Thanks Kouzou. 618K
CFS1 Fun WAH-64 Apache Helicopter panel by Dan. This is meant as a simple gamer panel only. 349K
CFS1 Gloster Gladiator Panel. It is a bitmap from a CFS2 Gladiator but with CFS1 gauges etc. The 'Panel' folder contained within is a direct replacement of the 'Panel' folder in the Gladiator file. When installing rename the old panel folder as 'Old Panel' first then just copy and paste the new 'Panel' folder in. If you don't like the replacement delete the 'Panel' folder and then rename the 'Old Panel' folder back as 'Panel'. If you do like it then delete the 'Old Panel' folder. You may use this file as you wish but try and make money from it then you will incur my wrath! Happy hunting Les Stone. 267K
CFS1 P-51 Panel. No information provided. Gauges included. 1.1MB