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CFS2__Ju87-A The Junkers Ju87 first developed in "34-"35 won the dive bombing competitions at Rechlin in 1936. Production Of the "Aton" model began full production in 1937, when 3 Ju 87A-1's were sent to Spain for service evaluation. The Ju87-A first saw combat in 1938. This F-Sim model is represented in Spanish Civil War and German colors. Model by CM Carlson based on SFairs FSDS file, flight dynamics by James Banks, panel by Michael Vader, sounds by SFairs. CM Carlson. 5.6MB

Gauge pack. 3.4MB

German Twin Engine Bomber Sound for MSFS. Rearranged by Marvin Carter of Groundcrew Design Group specifically intended for the He-111 above ;) 2. 5.3MB
A6M2 - Pink Bullets: VMA Falcon Dedicates this A6M2 to the Memory of Pink_Bullets Fiancee Of VMA Falcon and Zone Member AOF_Pnk_Bullets Who passed away Aug 1 2002 Honor Her By flying it honorably Robert (VMA Falcon) Heun. 1.9MB
Bell P-39Q King CObra. No Info provided. 1.7MB
F-4D-15 Vandal for CFS 2 Aircraft by Gary Wilson. 579K
P-40B Tomahawk. By Flight Deck Design Group. 5.2MB
Royal Navy Corsair Belonging to 800 squadron Fleet Air Arm. Repaint of the stock Corsair by George Cox (Woodlouse2002). 1MB
Re-paint of FDG P-47C-10-RE Thunderbolt (All Hell) - textures only. Made by Gray Wolf. 413K
The last model of Zero fighter.1945 July,only 2 was built. But, it's engine is "Kinsei-62"1,560hp.Needless to say performance improved sensibly although it was too late Two wing-mounted 13.2 mm Type 3 machine-guns and two wing-mounted 20 mm Type 99 cannon (A6M8). This plane use the model , sound and panel of the stock A6m5. Plane texture, Dp and armerments made by Vf9_Souye (Tam Ka Yin). 2MB
BREGUET 19 A2 super bidon Version 1.3 Auteur (model, animation et textures) Jean-Marie MERMAZ. 3.3MB
CFS2 Beaufighter TF Mk X of B Squad.of Portuguese Navy - Portela de Sacavem AB, in 1946 - Portugal Marks of Portuguese Air Force and Texture created by Luis Faria aka: _306TigerLima Panel, sound pack and airfile by Michael Vader Model by Colin Muir. 4.3MB