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Aircraft Page 35
PB 5. This is a fictitious Airplane, the flight performance is calculated as real as possible (wing span, wing area, power, weight ect.). Full moving parts, animated gear and prop. Designed with gmax. Several payloads. The engineblock with texture is taken from Jerry Beckwiths A5M4. I hope you enjoy it. Bernd Rositzka. 1.4MB
S. Mk.5 Flycatcher II for CFS2 Fictional FSDS attack bomber,based around the Rolls Royce Merlin engine, painted in the colours of No.849 squadron aboard HMS Albion,during the Suez crisis of 1956. Full moving parts including working tailhook.Requires Martin Wrights Spitpak addon and Mauro Giacomazzi's pilot figure(not included).Aircraft by Gary Wilson, blade texture by Musicman. 811K
Corsair of 1850 Squadron Fleet Air Arm, Served from Carrier HMS Vengeance In the Pacific. Textures only fits perfectly to the stock Corsair!!! By George Cox. 1MB
Updated P-47N Thunderbolt. Revision 1.2 New version with updated visual model & other improvements. Final long range version of the P-47 developed for use in the Pacific Theater. All moving parts model designed specifically for good frame rates in Multi play on almost any system. Includes panel & sound files. By Bill "_352nd_Razor" Ross. 2.5MB
HAWKER TYPHOON FOR CFS2 Bubble top canopy Hawker Typhoon Mk1b. GMAX Multi-res model, fully animated, VC, specific gauges, load-outs. 1%dp file included. 2 sets of textures, AC of BG.Stapleton or P.Brooker. Important info in the readme. Needs sound file by Carl-Olof Sandberg to be downloaded separately. P.H.F. BURNAGE. 7.9MB
CFS2/FS2000 P-51D Mustang Tuskeegee of the 100th Fighter Group. This is a North American P-51D Bomber Escort . The Tuskeegee of the 100th Fighter groups Paint scheme. repaint-Robert Heun E-mail Note- There is no sound or panel on this aircraft. 2.6MB
"LAce" Hellcat. 4thFG_Falcon Dedicates this Hellcat to Zonemember "OR_LAce" "LAce" is the most honorable and loved member in the CFS2 Games Her preferred weapon is the F6F3 Hellcat and she utilizes the Aircrafts ability to it's fullest, allowing her to dominate her opponents. "LAce......This one's for You" ~S~ Robert (4thFG_Falcon) Heun. 1.7MB
CFS2 stock mdl replacements which enable the bomb bay doors on the TBF, B-25, B-24 and Betty bombers. Tweak dicovered by Lee Bruemmer. Files modified by John Shields. 2.5MB
Carrie Corsair - default textures repaint. This Corsair is another one of My Re-paints I am dedicating to the "Girls of CFS2" This one is for "Carrie", one of the best Corsair pilots in CFS2, and very well known & loved in the Zone. Who also left her mark in the original CFS European theater Carrie... this ones for You! with a big " ~S~ " Thanks for all your help and Guidance. Robert (4thFG_Falcon1) Heun. 1.7MB
Athena Corsair repaint. This Aircraft is Dedicated to "Athena" of the 341st Sqn, known in the CFS2 Games for her honesty and dedication to the game as well as her positive attitude in both Vitories & Losses she just loves the game. Her favorite plane is the Nik2-J "George" although she is much more deadly in an A6M2, I decided to do this Re-paint in her honor. A Big ~S~ To You Athena Robert (Falcon) Heun. 1.6MB