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Aircraft Page 36
CFS 2 Repaint of Gerald Lindell's (Warbirdlover) MiG-3b by George Lindell (sssmokin). Original textures by Anthony Sullenger (Gramps). Complete aircraft uploaded by permission of the designer (Jerry Lindell) and painter, Gramps. Depicts the Silver 04, flown by Capt. S.N. Polyakov, 7th IAP/Fighter Aviation Regiment/The Red Army's Air Force, Leningrad Front, Summer 1942. 1.5MB
Repaint of the default CFS2 DC-3 Dakota. Painted in the RAF livery with the markings YS-H of 77 Squadron from Fassenberg, Germany, registration ZA947. This aircraft has served with the USAAF, RCAF, RAE and is still in service to this day with the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. Textures only (panel will still have to be aliased also), by Craig White. 691K
New texture for the default MS Corsair, made to look like the corsairs from late 1943. #1 of three, sorry no damage textures yet, those will be here soon. Max Litwin. 476K
1939 Vought SB2U-1 Vindicator for CFS2 This FSDS version of the Vindicator is painted for the 2nd Section Flight Leader of VB-4 assigned to the US Ranger. It has transparent canopies, moving parts including spinning wheels and an accurate canopy slide. Dan Griffith's SBD panel is included. I have modified the .air and .cfg file and added a .dp file for use in CFS2. By Paul Clawson. 476K
HA 91 Hellcat: This Aircraft is dedicated to Hells Angel 91, Member of the "HA's 303rd Bombardment group in the CFS2 Game zone. One of the most well known members for her passion of the game & "politeness" Her Preferred weapon is the F6F-3 Hellcat which she learned to adapt to very well and handles it quite good as well as getting her share of Kills in it. "Snap S`" to You HA 91 Robert (4thFG_Falcon1) Heun. 1.8MB
1944 Navy Hellcat Textures only. Replacement texture for the MS Hellcat. painted in 3 colour 1944 Navy camo. Max Litwin. 415K
Corsair Anjules. This Aircraft Dedicated to Anjules of the "AOF" (Alliance of Friends) Flying club in the CFS2 Game zone. Known by most for being one of the nicest & Sweetest people and her passion for the game. Her preferred weapon is the Corsair, which she's pretty good at utilizing the Corsairs Features to it's limits to obtain her Kill ratio to her fullest (not bad for a Kiwi LOL) A Big ~S~ To You. Repaint of the default by Robert (4thFG_Falcon) Heun. 1.3MB
Replacement texture for the CFS2 Hellcat. This F6F3 Hellcat is dedicated to VF-19 and your CO_Cecil B. Harris (1943). repaint-Mauricio Marcos Mafra (brazilian designer). For CFS2 only.There is no sound or panel on this aircraft only texture and aircraft.cfg. 415 KB
P-51D 20 NA Grim Reaper. Flown by Captain Lowell K. Brueland All of the source material for the repaint was found at http://www.mustangs.mustangs.com. Aircraft by Fightertown Design Group. Repainted by Steve Renner. 4.8MB
Beaufighter T.F. Mk X of 45 Squadron RAF, Kuala Lumpur, Malaya - textures only. , November 1949. It was one of the last Beaus to see action, when they were used against Malayan Communist guerillas. (This texture is recommended for use with "0_Beaufighter Radar_TFX Portugese Navy " available here) Colin Muir. 642K