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Aircraft Page 51
CFS 2 Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-4 1. Staffel, I. Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 54 - Gatshina, Russia - November 1942 FSDS model by Ignacio Alfredo Mendive - Weapons from: Fightertown Design Group. 819K
CFS2 1% Solution AssemblyLine Version 2.78Z4 714VFTS & William Tell. Competition Certified F4U-5(N) Corsair. Credits. Graham,without his fsc. files for the birdcage corsair, and his unending patiance at answering all(sometimes really dumb)questions I had. Louis Sinclair for making FSDS which is a great program and Konstantin Kukushkin for Aircaft Animator . Model: Graham, Gramps Air file:RC79, using the 1% method. Repaint by Steve Martinez 3.4MB
CFS2 CA 15 MKI Competition Certified. Beta version of the CAC CA 15 MKI Fictional aicraft built around the concept of the CA 15 using the Pratt & Whitney R-2800-8 Double Wasp 18-cyl. radial air-cooled, 2,000 hp. Flight Model By: Nicholas McColl. 3.9MB
CFS2 F4U-5n Corsair GMAX ver Marine. . of Gramps F4U-5n. Original F4U-5n and GMAX ver. included. 2 textures, this in Marine texture by Cpl. Steve Martinez, and original Navy texture by Gramps. 4.3MB
CFS2 Focke Wulf Fw190 A8 Nachtjäger - Equiped with 3 MK 103 30mm canon in Schräge musik instalation. FSDS model by Ignacio Alfredo Mendive. 566K
F6F3_Hellcat VF-2 Bounty Hunters textures only for the CFS2 default Hellcat. By Steve Martinez. 577K
P-47N-2-RE "Chautauqua" Package for Combat Flight Simulator 2. This package includes new custom pylons and rockets allowing a sixteen rockets payload. Needs the Enhanced U.S. Weapons v2.0 pack available here to work properly. Visual model and textures by Krzysztof Malinowski based on stock CFS3 model. Flight Model by Jay McDaniel built using Flight Model Workbook version 2.82.66. Custom weapons by Sergio "DBolt" Dolcemascolo. Panel bitmap by Claudio Di Lullo. Gmax model, many animated features, RealityX. By K. Malinowski ,J. McDaniel and S. Dolcemascolo. 2.2MB
CFS2 Repaint USAG y2c3's Corsair textures. This Corsair Repaint consists of 12 jap kill flags,red,white,and blue stripes on the tail,elevator,wings, and nose. also by the fuel intake it is painted red and green around it.this Repaint was made by Robert aka y2cool3. 862K
CFS2 Repaint USAG P38F Lightning "y2c3's Rollin Thunder" textures only. This repaint consists of 11 jap kill flags, 2 lightningbolts crossed over the other,the letters USAG on the bottom and top of the main wings, and a new insigna. for the insigna, i just added a red circle in the center of them. this repaint was made by Robert aka y2cool3. 741K
CFS2 Repaint USAG y2c3's H-cat textures only. This repaint of a hellcat contains 2 pics, the texture, and 2 readmes. the texture has a striped tail and elevator, 6 jap kill flags, the number 01 on the side, and for nose art it has 2 lightningbolts crossed over the other. this Repaint was made by Robert aka y2col3. 753K