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Aircraft page 5

P-75B Eagle. Superseded P51 Mustang. File size 137278. Piglet

Hawker Tempest with panel & moving parts. File size 274365. P Burnagh

Pzl P-11c
Nice model of the little gullwing Polish fighter with panel & moving parts for CFS
AIR file by Barrie Rody (GZR_Orion). File size 135320. Author Eric of AOL

New improved model with moving parts, panel & improved flight dynamics.
Dedicated to the memory of The highest scoring non German fighter ace, Ilmari Juutilainen. File size 329037
Author, Pentti Kurkinen.

FS98/CFS Horten IX/Ho 229 Flying Wing. The Horten IX was one of the "secret weapons" of the German Luftwaffe in WWII. Includes aircraft with moving parts, panel and damage profile for CFS. File size 14094771 By Bernd Rossner.

FS98/CFS Fokker DR1 Triplane 425-17, famouse for being piloted y the Red Barron. With moving parts. File size 293272. T Miller

FS98/CFS Fokker DR1 Triplane, as above but this was a replica built after the war in Black finish. File size 302477. T Miller

CFS Dornier Do335. All Moving Parts with panel
Unique tandem engine fighter/bomber developed by Dornier, but too late for Luftwaffe wartime service.
Quite fast and well liked by test pilots.
Spoiler key works the bomb bay door. File size 294445. By Piglet

CFS HURRICANE MkIIC. All Moving Parts model of the final production Hurricane.Named 'The Last of the Many', the original is still flying with the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.Original AFX by John Cooper. Modified AFX with new Textures & AIR file by Reg Allen. File size 126071

Hawker Sea Fury FB Mk II

representing an aircraft from 802 Sqn. RN during the Korean warin which Lt Peter Carmichael shot down a MiG-15 on 9 August 1952. Original author Chris Lampard.
Panel & gauges by Chuck Dome. Animated prop, gear & flaps & DP by Doug Attrell. Spoiler key operates the tailhook. File size 171424

Messerschimtt "Green 3" Me 262A-1a Stab.1/JG7 Early 1945 flown by Hptm. Erich Mikat. This particular Me 262 was fitted with the 210mm WGr 21 air-to-air rockets, and the regular four 30mm cannon.Original designer: Bernd Drefahl Original air file: Rabbija Guder aka "gzr_loki", modified by Bruno Duffort to represent the A-1 version.
Original textures & moving parts: Bruno Duffort. File size 279893
P-51D Mustang, 'Man 'o' War'. High quality with moving parts. File size 265811