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CFS2 Axis Planes Europe Expansion Pack Plane Version 1 By C.A.Simpson. 2.2MB



CFS2 Allied Planes Europe Expansion Pack Plane Version 1 By C.A.Simpson. 3MB
CFS2 WWII Italian Aircraft Collection. Includes models of SM-79, G.50, Breda 65, CR-32, CR-42. Features full loadouts and AI planes animations working. Authors: C.La Posta, A.Casadio, M.Taccoli, O.Pedrosa. Part of IS4G Collection. 3.8MB
CFS1 P-40E 'Pearl Harbour' Movie aircraft - 3 aircraft pack: This Aircraft represents the plane that the chracter "Rafe" flew, just one of the Three P-40E's Flown by the actors in the New PEARL HARBOR MOVIE. Included are textures for all 3 planes RAFE, DANNY and the TRAINER. The planes are set up for CFS2 and include AI planes. The model has full moving parts including drop tank, night lights,night gauges,movable pilots head and glowing exhausts. Flight model by Bruno Duffort V 2.0 Original MDL by Harald "Humming" Reuter Rebuild by Reg Allen Textures by Joe Amodea, Reworked by Steve Gandy DP by Mario Piccin for the CFS2 version Panel by Jorge Alsina Guns Profile by Joe Amodea. 13.5MB
British Mod for CFS2. It features ALL NEW screens - well okay some screens were further modded from the CFS2 EXPANSION PACK. I've been a great fan of the Battle of Britain and since I was unable to get CFS1 I thought I'd just make my own. By Richmond. 3.5MB

CFS2 ONLY Heinkel He 177A5 Greif. (Griffon) Multi-model design with panel & dynamic virtual cockpit. Weapons loadout includes bombs, torpedoes & specially designed Hs 239a winged rockets. By Greg Law. 2.8MB
CFS2 Spitfire IX plus Weapons Pack This pack contains a new version of the Spitfire IX SAAF by Cryingtoto updated with multiple-merged models, corrected animation and many detail improvements. It comes with a new weapons library providing many new payload options including a 45 gallon "slipper" droptank, M10 Rocket Launchers, Triplex Rockets....and a Pilot. Auto or manual Install. By CryingToto and Martin Wright. 1.8MB

Polish PZL P-11c for CFS2 only, Features: -Fully functioning moving parts -Panel -Accurate WWII squad markings -Damage profile -1% AIR file by Eric of AOL, and gregoryp. 569K

*CFS2 ONLY* Fieseler Fi 156 Storch Multi-model Storch with panel. Upgrade of the Storch with improved turning, fixed prop, Gunner added and improved markings. Now updated with Dynamic Virtual Cockpit. Slow flying General Purpose aircraft fitted with light bombs. Fun to fly & ideal for exploring the CFS2 world. By Greg Law. 1.4MB


Polish PZL P-37b Los (Elk) for CFS2 by Corrado La Posta and Eric of AOL. 541K
RAAF Spitfire V CFS2 ONLY ! Moving parts panel and virtual cockpit. By *Cryingtoto*. 1.3MB
CFS2 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3 "#CCCC66 9" III/JG 26 First delivered to Luftwaffe units during Fall, 1939. This was the most prominent model during early air campaigns against the Low Countries and France. It also played a major role during the Battle of Britian. New multi-resolution model built with FSDS by James Grimes. Includes original textures, a basic panel and virtual cockpit. 1% airfile by Gregory Pierson. For CFS2 only. 1.2MB


CFS2 Lionel Blin "yo" new skins for the excellent "#CCCC66 9" III/JG 26 Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-3 Made by James "KorovaMB" Grimes ( Korova_Milk_Bar@msn.com ) This file contains : Skin 4: The skin of a Bf 109F4-TROP , pilot Oberleutnant Hans-Joachim Marseille of 3/JG27 , North Africa ( septembre 1942 ) score 158. 667K