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Aircraft Page 2
CFS 2 MESSERCHMITT BF-109 V10 PROTOTYPE MEETING ZURICH 1937 It's a one of five BF-109 present to the International Flying Meeting to Zurich-Dubendorf (CH) in 1937.This aircraft, with for pilot Ernst Udet,crashed. Full moving parts and virtual cockpit.Complete aircraft. Original by James Grimes. Repainted by Jean-Jacques Parel. 1.2MB


CFS 2 MESSERCHMITT BF-109 E SWISS AIR FORCE Aircraft with red and white stripes in the fuselage and the wings. Used for the border patrol Full moving parts and virtual cockpit.Complete aircraft. Original by James Grimes. Repainted by Jean-Jacques Parel. 1.2MB

CFS2 ME262 A-1 W.Nr 111685, "9K+FH", Jagdverband 44 Galland Circus 1945 Full moving part, multimodel resolution, new weapon (24 x R4M rockets) No virtual cokpit, panel from Shina. by Frederic Martenot. 2.4MB

UPDATED CFS2 Westland Whirlwind CFS2 Only Westland Whirlwind MK1 The Whirlwind was the RAF's first single seat twin engined fighter.The armanmant concisted of Four 20mm cannon in the nose.Plus external bomb load of 1000lbs. This aircraft has full arangement of External loads A modified cfs2 P38 panel.Plus full moving Parts. Original designer Tim Piglet Conrad CFS2 Update and Panel By Matt Ashby. 494K
Messerschmitt Bf-109E-1 Emil Painted in III/JG26 colors Features full moving parts; Ailerons Flaps Rudder+tailwheel Landing Gear Opening Canopy Working Rudder Pedals. Made with FSDS 1.5b Deigned an Painted by: Daniel F. Goodwin. 666K
CFS2 ONLY Gloster Gladiator Mk1. Multi-mdl Gladiator with Panel, Dynamic Virtual Panel, animated canopy & virtual tailhook. Includes alternative textures for RAF, Malta or Norwegian Army Air Force versions. By Greg Law & Roger Austli . 1.5MB

Lavochkin La5-FN Winter sheme For CFS2 only Freeware version The La-5 entered service in 1942. In its developed La-5FN version it was superior to the German fighters at low and medium altitudes.Its disadvantages were primitive equipment, a bounce-inducing undercarriage, and in the early stages very poor production quality. 9,920 were built. Visual model : Alain Coupet. (_Ugly_Ducky_) Textures : Alain Coupet Damage profiles : Alain Coupet Airfiles : Lee Boyer, Alain Coupet Virtual Panel : Alain Coupet. 1.6MB

Update - 4k


FW-DX7- Seaplane Version, When Starting from Height or the Zone plz press the G Key else the plane will sink. Nice extra is the Lights to activate thease press the L key The Panel is not mine, if the Aurthor of the plane emails me, i will update the read me, and i must say its one of the best panels i have seen. Charles Simpson. 626K


MACCHI MC202 FOLGORE 3°Stormo,18° Gruppo, 85° Squadriglia The most important italian fighter of WWII, the folgore was derived from the Saetta with the installation of a german Daimler-Benz 600 serie engine. Fast, manouvrable, reliable, it had comparable performances with the Bf109F series but suffered for lack of firepower. This plane was flown by italian ace Luigi Gorrini, credited with 19 confirmed kills. It features full moving parts and high resolution historically accurate textures. Author: Alessandro Casadio. 1.9MB

MACCHI MC200 SAETTA 150° Gruppo, 364° Squadriglia Italian air force (Regia Aeronautica) fighter of WWII, the Macchi C.200 was a monoplane single-seat fighter with radial engine. Very manouvrable was capable of a top speed of around 500 km/h and generally comparable with the Hurricane I. Armed with two 12.7mm guns had provision for small bomb-loading (2 x 100 kg). Served as a fighter and fighter-bomber mainly in the mediterranean area during WWII, in 1940-1943. Author: Alessandro Casadio Panel by Roberto Fusi. 1.6MB
CFS2 P40E Kittyhawk in Desert Markings Authors: Mauro Giacomazzi & Corrado La Posta 1% AIR file by 714th FTC . 652K
CFS2 Hurricane II D This is a model of the anti-tank version of the famous Hawker Hurricane. Use your guns to align the target and your cannons to destroy. Don't waste your ammo, you have just a few shots available. Authors: Mauro Giacomazzi & Corrado La Posta 1% AIR file by 714th FTC. 1.3MB
CFS2 MESSERSCHMITT Bf109F TROP. High detailed and full moving parts plane. Multi resolution model for good frame rates. Full operating high detailed Virtual Cockpit. By Mauro Giacomazzi. 2.2MB