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Scenery Page 1

Pearl Harbour WW2 scenery. File size 515562. D Buckheit

CFS WW2 area airfield map File size 365280

Ace Island - Great fantasy Island for helicopter practice. Includes objects to fly through, land on, hover above & generally get that cyclic, rudder & collective control down to a fine art. File size 944620. Orlin. C

Scenery : Minami- Tori - Shima. File size 522344. D Bukheit

Pacific Island Scenery. File size 835985. D Buckheit

Interlaken Maze - places buildings & other objects around Interlaken intended for helicopter practice. File size 73084. Paul Harmon

Scenery Riem Airport 1945. Allied forces discovered a large cache of aircraft at this location. File size 110545

Scenery : 1940's era Thames Airfield just outside London. File size 741009

Scenery : Calais Airfield during german occupation. Includes aircraft, trees & buildings. File size 383495

Ploesti, Romania & Bengasi, Libya scenery.
Quality scenery package for CFS featuring three new selectable airfields
Includes Ploesti 'Black Sunday' oil field raid mission.
First release of this exciting New Style CFS scenery developed by the Author.

By William Potvin II.

Dover Airport, near the white cliffs, with buildings & aircraft. File size 294850

Dover Fix (44272)