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CFS2 Enhanced Mesh Terrain of Crete Demo Enhanced Elevated mesh for the Island of Crete. Created with FsTrn using GTOPO30 DEM Elevation data. Will also work in FS2000 but has been edited to match the Coastlines in CFS2. By Martin Wright. 279K

CFS2 Scenery - Crete Airfields Bare Runway Airfields for Retimo and Heraklion on Crete. For use with Cretec2.zip to provide easy access to the Island. Airfields will appear for selection in the Airfields menu. By Martin Wright. 2K

CFS2 Enhanced Mesh - Swiss Alps. Demo enhanced mesh scenery of the Alps in Switzerland. Created with FsTrn and the Terrain SDK. By Martin Wright. 206K

CFSII Stock Fields Fuel and ADF add-on. Adds fuelboxes and ADF to all stock fields in CFSII. See ADF.txt file for listing. By Steve McClelland. 49K


CFS2 Graf Zepplin. This is a representation of Germany's failed aircraft carrier of world war 2, the Graf Zepplin. It is the stock cfs2 shj_junyo Japanese carrier repainted with a german cross. I would later like to figure out how to change the guns around because the Graf had the most powerful guns on any carrier during that time. It is highly recommended to get the Graf Zepp.aircraft pack to get the 2 German carrier planes Ju87C and Me109T. For some reason it doesn't show up in the mission builder but you can put it in a mission by manually editing the .mis file. CFS2 only! 255K
These are 2 aircraft for cfs2 that were made for the new aircraft carrier,the Graf Zepplin. They are the cfs1 stock bf109e and Ju87a repainted and rearmed for cfs2. The Ju87C Has working bombs and a Torpedo, the Me109t has long range tanks and a bomb. Put these in the aircraft folder. The textures are by Pak-Rat, both have a working arrestor hook for cfs2 carriers. 265K

CFSII Scenery: CFSII Ryukyu Island Chain (Okinawa included),Iwo Jima, ChichiJima, Minamidaito Islands Scenery. Fuel and ADF at each field. Adds total of 13 more fields to CFSII in area NE of the Phillipines to cover area to edge of Japanese Home Islands. See ADF.txt file for listing. High FPS rate maintained. By Steve McClelland. 744K
Op Areas. (Updated)Hi! This is my modification of the airfields file of CFS2. Like most newbies to M(C)FS(2) I was kinda gypped that there were only so many airfields around - not to mention NONE from my home country (Philippines) - so when I found out how to add new airfields I decided to remedy that. Well after much research and many sleepless nights (thank you, thank you - kidding!) I came up with not just a Pacific theater but a European Theater and North Africa as well. 21K. By Richmond.
CFSII Scenery: Pacific-Far East Scenery.Adds approx 244 more fields in the Pacific area. Covers Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Nothern Malaysia, Northen Indonesia, Tawain, Brunei, Philippines. Some modern fields added also for the jet fans out there. Fuel and NBD at each field. See ADF.txt file for each area listing. High FPS rate maintained. By Steve McClelland (Mush Peas Design Group). 3MB
CFS 2 Scenery Add-On "Heraklion" For use with Martin Wright's Crete for CFS2 scenery. A first experimental add-on scenery to check the abilities of the CFS2 graphic engine. Contains more than 200 objects with night-lightning, opening doors etc. By Ralf-J. Triebel (X_MAT) Member of the Mushy Peas Design Group. 2.2MB

CFS 2 Scenery Add-On "Retimo" For use with Martin Wright's Crete for CFS2 scenery. Improved buildings (opening doors) , textures , better framerates. By Ralf-J. Triebel (X_MAT) Mushy Peas Design Group. 1.5MB
Swiss Airfields for STOCK CFS2 Scenery * * * * * * by RAF_Dreadlock. 6K
RNAS Trincomalee Version 1 By Daniel "GZR_Crop1/Crop_335th" Mobbs 08/03/01 History RNAS Trincomalee was orginaly built as RAF China Bay, and handed over to the Fleet Air Arm in November 1944, it was home to 733 Squadron with Supermarine Seafires (Navalised Spitfires) and also host to Fairely Fireflys, Supermarine Sea Otters, Walruses for Air Sea Rescue, Vultee Vengances and Fairley Burracudas. It also played host to RAF DeHavaland Mosquitos and Beufighters of 45 squadron at various times. As with most aspects and the British campaing against the Japanease in the Far East details are hard to come. The layout of the base is completely imaginary and inspiresd by an article in the July 2000 edition of Flypast magazine entitled Staying In Control by Able Seaman John Lindop about his time at Trincomalle between late 1945 and Novemeber 1947 when the base was closed. 1MB