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Hi Visibility WW2 bomber panel CFS HI-VIS Bomber Panels. High visibility panels for 2 or 4 engine bombers in CFS. By Chuck Dome. File size 477890

CFS Panels Messerschmitt BF 109 B upgrade This upgraded version done by M.Vader "Le Gros", member of Pegasus Aviation Design has now ammo counters for the cannon and the guns done by Jerry Beckwith. 858K

T-33 Thunderbird panel.Photorealistic, high resolution CFS / FS98 panel for the Lockheed T-33 Thunderbird. This panel is also suitable for use with the P-80 Shooting Star. By Phil Perrott File size 659845

CFS Panel : Grumman F6F Hellcat. File size 251693, b the Siera Bravo Panelworks

CFS Fairey Firefly panel. By Piglet. File size 313613

CFS - Panels Dewoitine D 520 panel dedicated to the french fighter of the early days of WW II. Done By Michael Vader. 794K

CFS P-38H PANEL Generic CFS panel that senses whether the plane has one or two engines. It then displays either one or two throttle handles and one or two needles for RPM and manifold pressure. Also includes two GPS gauges and a space-saving radio navigation gauge. By Chuck Dome. File size 452270

P-38 Lightning Panel. Custom designed panel with selected gauges. File size 1086603. Gary Lubrani


Modified P61 Black Widow panel and gauges. Original panel.bmp by Bruno Dufford (P38j West). All gauges (except CFS defaults) originally modified by me. By Bear2790. 464K

Moving Hands Generic modern fighter panel. Both hands move to your movements! Very clever. File size 556812. Chuck Dome

CFS panel for the F-86E Sabre Jet, featuring new "sharp-o-vision" high clarity gauges in glorious Technicolor.
Plus a pop-up full-screen HUD display. File size 515754. By Mike Eustace

CFS Panel for the F9F-6 Cougar with "crisp-o-vision" gauges Plus a new improved Full Screen Pop-Up HUD By Mike Eustace. File size 491545