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Stuttgart-Echterdingen 1939-1945 Scenery. Two CFS add on sceneries for Stuttgart-Echterdingen airport in civil or camouflaged style. Includes mission and textures to modify stock CFS aircrafts. Designed by Jørn. 858K
Russian Tanks: CFS exploding objects library. All textures and damage profiles included. Russian T-60 Light Tank Russian KV-1 Medium Tank Russian T-34 Medium Tank Russian IS-2 Medium Tank. From Steve Seybolt's API files. Mission file includes all four tanks. by James Elwood. 154K

New textures for CFS1 I matched the stock CFS ground textures to make them look more bright and green like CFS2. They cannot remove the north european fog from your Sim, but they look great with the widely available Mediterranian Sceneries, e.g. Martin Wrights Crete Scenery, Cliff Burgess Italy or whatever. Maybe, anybody could make use of them for spring textures with CFO Weather. Feel free to do so. NOTE:Make shure that you don´t overwrite your existing textures. Mathias Pommerien. 14MB

Renegade Island Renegade Island is a fictional airfield located east-southeast of Interlaken. It is located in a remote part of the desert. The high mountains on either side provide good protection for this large bomber base. As of yet this airfield has been unmolested by enemy aircraft and has proved to be an excellent location for executing bombing raids against the enemy. With 32 B17 bombers and at least that many support aircraft, (both P51d's and Hurricane Hawkers) this base has done some serious damage. Both the P51 and the Hawkers carry the Orrington Renegades colors. File size 686K

Santas Retreat! This is a small scenery I found at the northpole. I can't say for sure but with the little red house, barn with corral and the large warehouse I think I may have found Santa's hideout. I'm not sure but I think I saw a Sleigh hidden in the bushes behind the barn. Rob Bouchard. 179
FS98 - CFS1 FARPOINT CFS (Coffee Fly-in Station) Farpoint is a small look out station in the Caribbean that was built on top of Juancho Yrausquin. Its primary function is to re-fuel small aircraft in the area and to serve as a CPVA embassy in the Caribbean. This is only sample scenery for Coffee Party VA nonmembers. Created with Airport v2.10 for FS98. By Colonel Pops . 141K

CFS SCENERY--CAEN RAILYARD Created with Chuck Domes STACFS12 utility. Add on scenery for Caen airfield area. Includes railyard with warehouses, a factory vehicles, AA emplacements and lots of trees. By Marvin Carter. 613K

Crimea scenery for CFS1. Scenery files, built from USGS DEM data using CFSClass, for the Crimean Peninsula, the Sea of Azov and their surroundings, including the region bounded by E30-E40 (Odessa to Rostov) and N43-N48 (South of Crimea to north of Rostov). Required textures for summer scenery are included, but winter and fall ones will be posted separately at this site. Also includes a sample mission describing an air raid on Odessa on the opening day of Operation Barbarossa. By C Burgess. 1MB

Crimea Season Textures for CFS1. These texture files, are rotations of some of the default CFS1 coastal textures, or the winter/fall extensions of these which Misho Katulic/Bob Wise have kindly posted for the freeware community. They are used in my Crimea scenery, but this file need be downloaded only if the autumn or winter textures are desired since the summer textures are already provided in the Crimea download. (The summer textures are also already included in my earlier Mediterranean texture package, used in my Tunisia, Libya and Sicilian Strait sceneries.) By C Burgess . 1.6MB

Updated CFS1 scenery for all of Italy, v1.5 (fix). Scenery files, built using Martin Wright's CFSClass, covering all of Italy from Austria in the north, down to (and including) Sicily in the south. Combines and updates my earlier CFSItaly and CFSItalyN sceneries. Designed to join onto the default scenery in the north, Cryingtoto's Provence scenery to the northwest, and my Sicilian Strait scenery to the south (which in turn matches onto CFSTunisia, CFSLibya and Mauro Giacomazzi's Egypt and eastern Libya. It is also compatible with Cryintoto's Sardinia and Corsica. This update includes many more airfields, adds buildings to all fields, greatly extends the water cover away from the coasts. Additional textures included smooth the sawtooth coastlines of the default textures, and allow a more accurate positioning of many lakes, particularly in the Alps. In my previous download I'd inadvertently given two files the same name (Italyn.bgl), one each in ItalyS.zip and ItalyN.zip. This repost renames the one in ItalyS.zip to Italynn.bgl so one is not overwritten when they are placed in the same folder. (Thanks Mike for pointing that one out!) By C Burgess. 1.6MB

NDB Transmitters for CFS1 Scenery For All Of Italy v1.5. NDB .bgl files for use with ItalyS.zip and ItalyN.zip of CFS All Of Italy scenery v1.5 by C.Burgess. Adds NDB transmitters to all the 37 airfields of Italy and 17 radiobeacons for navigation. By Corrado Sandri. 29K
CFS AI Aircraft sound Pack 1,16bit stereo inhanced sounds. This is some of the sounds that I mixed and use in my cfs game. They have a lot of deep sounds of many fighter eng. By A.Parrish. 2MB