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FreeFlight TRI-40 RadAlt  version 2
0.04Mb (767 downloads)
The difference with v1 is just the fact that the buzzer sounds only once and only while descending. For FSX and FS 2004 stand alone XML gauge in two models (RG or fixed gear). Shows AGL and preselected DH with light and sound warnings. Sound gauge by Doug Dawson. By Pierre Fasseaux
Posted Jan 6, 2013 05:16 by Pierre Fasseaux
Davtron Chronometer M803 v6
0.44Mb (494 downloads)
Upgrade with "Fliyng Time" automatically starting at take off and stopping at landing. Six functions available (GMT, LT, FT, chrono + OAT, Voltage). Activation through key strokes (Not for 2004). Two background bitmaps available (w/ or w/o screws). FSX and FS 2004 stand alone XML gauge . By Pierre Fasseaux.
Posted Jan 6, 2013 05:14 by Pierre Fasseaux
0.00Mb (1155 downloads)
This gauge will engage the landing lights below 10000feet and disengage above 10000feet. Easy instructions how to add to your panel folder are included.
Posted Dec 15, 2012 11:54 by stefaan adriansens
0.02Mb (792 downloads)
This is an update to my original Saitek FIP Radio Panel Mod. This update adds numerous features found on other Saitek Panels, such as lights, gear, etc. See Readme for entire list of functions.
Posted Nov 28, 2012 06:02 by Justin Browning
Three classic analog clocks
0.67Mb (525 downloads)
Breitling-, Longines- or Douglas-like, w/ or w/o mounting. The clocks show the local time when starting the situation then the hour hand DOES NOT FOLLOW automatically the timezone crossings ! FSX and FS 2004 stand alone XML gauges.
Posted Nov 2, 2012 09:28 by Pierre Fasseaux
TextInfo Gauge (Shift-Z replacement)
TextInfo Gauge (Shift-Z replacement)
0.19Mb (1305 downloads)
TextInfo Gauge displays flight data in the top left area of the screen as text and digital readouts. The data is displayed on a transparent background so that the information floats in front of the simulation. FSX provides a small digital readout when the user presses Shift-Z. Shift-Z is configured by editing the [Textinfo] sections in the FSX.cfg file. Unlike the [Textinfo] settings, TextInfo Gauge is fully configurable with the full range of FSX variables, fonts and colors. The script uses very simple code lines that are easily edited by nonprogrammers. In fact, the author had no programming experience prior to writing this script. The script does not work for some older aircraft. Easy to install, only requires one XML file and the addition of a few lines to the aircraft's panel.cfg file. No impact to Frames per Second (FPS). It simply displays internal data as text. In its default configuration it provides this data: Wind speed and direction, Magnetic compass heading in degrees and direction (N, E, S, W), True airspeed, Indicated altitude, Radio altitude (altitude above ground level), Pitch (green for ascending, red for descending), Vertical speed, Percent fuel remaining, Flaps % extended (only displayed if aircraft has flaps), Autopilot indicator (only displayed if aircraft is equipped with an autopilot and the autopilot is engaged, Parking brake indicator (only displayed when parking brake is engaged),Landing light indicator (only displayed when light is on), Landing gear indicator (only displayed if aircraft has retractable gear, shows % extended while extending/retracting and indicates when gear is fully down), Flashing warning indicators that are only displayed as needed: stall, overspeed, flap speed exceeded, landing gear speed exceeded.
Posted Oct 17, 2012 21:30 by Pville211
Spike's Landing And Taxi Light Gauge
Spike's Landing And Taxi Light Gauge
0.23Mb (412 downloads)
Tired of fiddling with landing light switches on approach?? Use both landing and taxi lights when landing a small aircraft?? Then here’s a handy gauge for you! Add this to any aircraft and when you toggle the landing lights the taxi will also come on for more lighting power. Once on the ground turn off your landing lights off again and the taxi lights stay on (until you turn them off) making lighting control easy. I made this gauge work only when the aircraft is airborne thus still allowing full lighting control on the ground.
Posted Jul 23, 2012 02:01 by Spike
Seatbelt Sign Gauge
0.22Mb (932 downloads)
Just put this on your aircraft panel. Tested on FS2004 (FS9). Might also work on FSX or FS2002.
Posted Jul 16, 2012 13:43 by Alexander Speer
FSX 777 style PFD, Nav, EICAS and Chart
134.89Mb (3802 downloads)
FSX 777 style PFD, Nav, EICAS and Chart. This release includes a more CPU friendly FSX interface, new comm manager and management screen. The instrument displays require DirectX10 and Vista or Win7. The DB manager will run with XP.By Kapock Cavanaugh
Posted Jul 9, 2012 00:47 by uploader
0.03Mb (4379 downloads)
This is an ILS CAT II and III autoland gauge for various aircraft. Aircraft included are 50North & VistaLiners B737 300 400 500, AeroSim L1011, CLS A300 A310 ST (Beluga), CLS DC-10, default A321, default B737-800, default B747-400, PA A318 319 320 321, POSKY B737 600 700 800 900, POSKY B747-400 V3 V4, POSKY B757 - 767, QW B757 (free version), SMS A319-320-321 A330 A340, SMS A380, SMS B737 - 747 - 767 - 777, SMS MD-11, Tom Ruth A330 A340. Fine tuned for each one. With or without the autothrust engaged. Includes several options for ILS procedures. Published with permission from: Stefan Liebe who is the original author. Francois Dore who developed it further.
Posted Jun 8, 2012 20:50 by Dimitrios Moschos
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