Feb 26, 2024 |
Membership Introduction
Simviation Express Membership

Simviation has always been a site run by enthusiasts - for enthusiasts. Downloading files from Simviation requires no login or payment. All files are freely available.

Express Membership offers an advanced service for our regular users. Your support has been, and continues to be, essential in providing our 10's of 1000's of freeware files for the community for over 22 years. Our users download 10's of terabytes of files per month (A lot!). Without your support this would not be possible.

Simviation Express Membership only costs $19.95 for the whole year! ... and no annoying auto recharge or unwanted emails!

What you get:

* Fast download speeds - Most  major Flight Simulator sites restrict download speeds or are aimed primarily at selling payware. Simviation gives our users access to the fast lane with Express Membership! - Free site is available up to 100kbps (kilobytes per second) download speed - but Express Members can expect download speeds from our 1GBPS dedicated connection, depending on time and your bandwidth.*

* No limit on multiple downloads at the same time - Simply click and download as many files as you like!

* No ads - no pop unders! - No advertising on Simviation Express Members site - straight files & information with no banners & no pop unders!**

* Top aviation news stories from around the world - Front page aviation news updated throughout the day. Get the most important aviation news from sites around the world! Know what's going on the the world of aviation

* Faster 'Members' website - Blinkingly fast pages! With no ads to fetch - Member pages deliver you what you came here for - Files & information!

* Support Simviation - Since 1998 Simviation has been a major, independant, highly respected FS website. Your support is essential in keeping us alive & progressive

* Simple One-Click Log in - Once registered, one mouse click is all it takes to log in to the Members Section (cookies enabled and 'allow or 'remember' when prompted to be always logged in)

* No Bombarding with Payware Ads. Our emphasis has and always will be 'freeware'!!

* Easy Sign Up - Our registration process is about as simple as it could be!

All this & more for $19.95 for 12 Months (That's less than $1.70 per month) ... and no 'auto renewal'. At the end of your year, you decide if you wish to renew and if you do nothing you will not be recharged.

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* Dependant on traffic & connection. Remember that Internet access & performance can be effected by many factors outside the local network area. During peak times Simviation may be slower. Fast speeds require a broadband connection.

** Please note that Simviation forums are separate to the Members site. Forums are open to all & do carry top banners only.

*** We are unable to refund where members have logged in after sign up.