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Japanese Radio calls ; converts your radio calls into Japanese language. File size1425748
American Radio calls - for radio calls in a US accent
German language radio calls - changes radio calls in missions to German
British Radio calls - for radio calls with British accent
No Gunsite. Removes gunsite from view. File size 1658

GPS Gauge for CFS by Chuck Dome. File size 30610

CFS Panels Upgrade. Adds several gauges to all standard CFS panels. File size 1126912. Download here

Tie Interceptor. File size 111285

Tie Fighter. File size 130303

UFO Pack. File size 930444
Damage Profiles for A-10, F-16, F-18. File size 85098
Modified .Air files. Allows all aircraft to be used in Quick Combat & Free Flight. File size 36155
Damage Profile for A-10. File size 21764

DP (Damage Profile) Editor. Edit & create damage profiles for CFS & prepare FS98 Aircraft for CFS. File size 510912
Damage Profile Editing Notes. Good document describing how to edit your .dp files