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CFS1 Enhanced .dp files - German Series / version 1.1 If you enjoy all those great smoke and fire effects found in CFS2, but have a slower computer or enjoy flying the European Theater, these .dp files will provide a much needed enhancement to the game. They will provide excellent smoke and fire effects for the stock CFS1 planes during Campaignes, Missions and Quick Combat. Look for the U.S. series in the near future. By Ray Wells ("C.M.Krashunbern"). 25K
The "no spit" patch for CFS1 sets the sopwith camel as default aircraft...for ww1 games...you will see all "unknown" aircraft as the sopwith camel ..not the spifire...meaning your ww1 matches will be more satisfying and realistic... includes reset patch ..to return to standard settings after the games... christopher benson. 122K

COMBAT FS - This is 1 of 2 Sets of NEWLY UpGRADED ( for More Realistic DAMAGE +F I R E ) , SHIP Objects [*.DP ] for COMBAT FLIGHT SIMULATOR 1. As a follow up to my more authentic CFS Bullet Impact Sound replacement (MetalRnd.zip), here is a 2nd project to heighten CFS Fire and Damage realism. To this end I have increased the life span duration and visibility of most of those land and sea items which usually just sit there smoking or simply disappear when minimally damaged. A lot of the time the smaller objects are not really very visible and so can not be appreciated. Even the large ships and buildings offer very little visual excitement when damaged. Dark smoke is the most you can expect from all of these objects which for the most part are just taking up space., Until now!... In addition to the 22 UpGraded SHIP Objects in this SET ( FIRESHIP.zip ), also included is a simple automated utility that will quickly Back Up ALL your Old Files and Install ALL your New Files for you. ( See Also - FIRELAND.zip for LAND Objects Set ). by Louieg. 858K

COMBAT FS - This is 2 of 2 Sets

COMBAT FS - Extra DAMAGE +F I R E .dp Objects With HITTABLE PIERS FIX. This is 1 additional set of 33 NEWLY UpGRADED, More Realistic Object *.DPs for COMBAT FLIGHT SIMULATOR 1. In addition to my PREVIOUS FireSHIP and FireLAND.zip dp objects, this set fixes the Pier0 And Pier1.DPs which will now allow CFS Pier objects to burst into flames and ultimately be destroyed when hit. Also added to this set are 31 Upgraded house & building objects. Included, again in this zip, is a simple automated utility that will quickly Back Up ALL your Old Files and Install ALL your New Files for you. ( See Also- FireLAND/FireSHIP.zip Object Sets ). by Louieg. 177K
CFS2 & CFS1 BULLET IMPACT STEREO SOUND EFFECTS for CFS2 & CFS1: Jump to the sound of heavier metal with this New UpGRADE of my MetalRND ( RND_IMP.WAV ). Here is METAL2nd, an UpDATED replacement for my MetalRnd.zip or your rnd_imp.wav sound file, with the added secondary metal on metal ping & whiz of bullets as they hit, bounce & rip around your aircraft. It's A Big Difference from the default "thud only" sound you get with CFS2 & CFS. With this upgrade you will notice much better amplification & richer harmonics for a sound that varies more dynamically with each bullet impact. Stereo Balance in this version has also been much improved from rnd_imp in my 1st MetalRnd.zip. This sound file has been tested & is completely compatible with both CFS2 & CFS1. If you have CFS2, please check out the NearMISS.zip file for my NEW "STEREO" Bullet.wav UpGRADE. Note that in CFS2, BULLET.wav works in tandem with RND_IMP.wav. By Louieg. 309K
CFS2 & CFS1 FLAK SOUNDS SET: 2 NEW UpGRADE REPLACEMENTS For FLAK.WAV and XFLAK.WAV. With this upgrade you will notice much richer harmonics for a sound that varies more dynamically with each flak blast. You will also hear the whooping sounds of incoming flak fire closing in just before they burst & their echoes crackling in the distance. These 2 sound files have been tested & are completely compatible with both CFS2 & CFS1. By Louieg. 239K
REPLACEMENT 7.92mm MG15 SOUNDS FOR CFS1 AND CFS2 Sounds are accurate to the actual weapon. Read the readme file. By Col. Eric J. Gion. Apx 50kb.
CFS1 panel for Empire's TIE Fighter and TIE Interceptor. Mathieu Bilquey. 79K
New Blend of Sounds for CFS 1. New external sounds plus "hit"-sound for Cfs 1, all in 16bit stereo. These files are made to replace the original external sounds of bombers and fighters, as well as the sound of your plane being struck by enemy fire. Much effort has been made to create a rich and varied blend, hopefully giving a sense of both harmonious power and realism, and increased terror when you get hit. By Johannes Fredriksen. 1.6 MB
Updated Pacific Maps and Japanese Radio in CFS1 - Have you ever wanted to view briefing maps of the pacific in CFS1. Have you ever wanted to hear Japanese radio chatter when flying in the Pacific - Well now you can with this sound and map switching utility. Notice: This has been configured to install into the default location for CFS. If you installed it into it's own folder - as many have - you'll have to think again.. By Peter Barker 11.4MB
All Weather Gunsight for CFS. This one can be seen in all weather conditions, day or night. Not very fancy but practical. By Ray Mazz. 2K
CFS1 Refuel Zones for all stock runways! These refuel zones, actually more "boxes", give the possibility to refuel in game under any mode, multiplayer included. They are"painted" in the middle of runways as to not interfere with other scenery and can be used as "target" up to 30,000 feet! By Guy Gauvreau a.k.a. Hubbabubba for AAC. Second version for public release. Now, "last in game" has a new meaning. 140K