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Missions & Campaigns Page 14
CFS-1. London Blitz. Enact a night raid on London during the blitz. Fly a Heinkel III through flak and night fighters to bomb targets near the Thames. Or defend the targets by downing the bombers in your Defiant before they get there. Two missions, Two aircraft and Two sceneries included. By Terry Baldwin. 1.6MB
CFS 1 The Azeville 2 war.10 mission campaign of the Azeville two. You can take off from Azeville 2 and fly missions. Requires CFS1 Azeville Airfield 2 scenery (here). More missions to come. By Steven Hill. 395K
DEEP WAR A campaign for CFS 1 1942 was the year of deep war for the Soviet Union. Disaster averted, but not even a glimmer of victory in sight. It was a year of hold on, fighting when forced to, and waiting for new aircraft and new units to arrive. Includes new campaign list for "Barbarossa" connecting the two campaigns. Richard Steele. 2.4MB
CFS-1. A Day in the Desert-Campaign The Africa Korps are surging eastwards towards Egypt and you start at El Adem airfield just south of Tobruk trying hopelesssly to help the Desert Rats stem the flow. 6 missions depicting different aspects of just one days action in the Libyan desert. Extra aircraft and detailed scenery included but a download of C.Burgess's 'CFS Libya and Med Textures' will be needed[instructions included]. Time to get your knees brown. By Terry Baldwin. 7.2MB
CFS A Luftwaffe Day in the Desert for CFS-1 Pre-requisites. You will need to have installed or download 'A Day in the Desert Campaign' SCENARIO FACT. The same as 'A Day in the Desert' SCENARIO FICTION The same as 'A Day in the Desert'. Terry Baldwin. 165K
CFS1 Hurricane Vs Hurricane. A campaign for CFS 1 Air to air combat often consists of getting the better of your opponent by taking advantage of the differences in performance envelopes of your machine and his. But what happens when both sides are flying the same type? This was a possibility faced by the pilots of the Soviet Baltic air fleet when they flew their lease lend Hurricanes close to the border with Finland, and within range of the Hurricanes of the Finnish air force. Mission files only, requires aircraft and scenery from my "Deep war" campaign. Richard Steele. 86K
CFS1 Guines Flak and Etaples Flak Missions. Two missions that have flak guns for escorts to attack and runway targets so you can use ADF freq./runway heading to line up targets for heavy bombers.Designed to be used with my Guines and Etaples sceneries.Also includes Brunhost missions that go with the scenery and mission files. by David Sumners aka Ddave. 94K
CFS 1 Missions PACIFIC WARRIORS A set of 13 single missions set in the pacific region, 1942-5 Includes relevant aircraft and some scenery. This file constitutes a base pack for forthcoming missions and campaigns, and as such also includes some redundant items and aircraft. It is my hope that this pack will inspire others to contribute missions, and design add on's to enhance both this project and CFS 1 in the Pacific. All contributions welcome. Richard Steele. 5.3MB
CFS1 Enhancement for "Night Visit to Poltava" mission (here) The Luftwaffe night raid on Poltava in the Ukraine is one of the best night bombing missions available. This enhancement heats up the bombing sequence with lots of explosions, ground fires, great billows of smoke and roving searchlights. High above are target marker flares. Gives the impression of a great battle happening. 51K
CFS 1 Missions PACIFIC WARRIORS; MIDWAY DEFENDERS Go up against the best that the Imperial Japanese Navy had to offer with this pair of extremely challenging missions that show the battle of Midway from the point of view of those on the island itself. These missions are not for beginners, you will probably want to change settings to "easy" and "unlimited ammo" Mission files only, requires aircraft and scenery from the PACIFIC WARRIORS base pack. Richard Steele. 36K