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Missions & Campaigns Page 8
SUSSEX RDF ATTACK A reverse mission to SUSSEX CH PATROL. Fly as raid Commander in a JU-87B of St.G1-GI, participate and direct in the destructon of the R.A.F.'s four RDF Stations in East Sussex. You have a rear gunner in your Ju87B to protect your six, which is included. All other media is stock CFS1. By Terry Baldwin. 63K
Wacht am Oder, April 1945... an OST FRONT (Eastern Front) mission for CFS1 by Jacek Poltorak and Billy "Pak-Rat" Irle. 504K
CFS1 Ostnachtjagd... an OST FRONT (Eastern Front) mission for CFS1 by Jacek Poltorak and Billy "Pak-Rat" Irle. 993K

*CFS1 ONLY* THUNDERJETS OVER KOREA Campaign. USAF War Korea, Mission Pack 1: F-84e Thunderjet New set of a dozen missions, to be played singly or as a campaign, featuring the F-84e Thunderjet USAF Fighter created by Tim "Piglet" Conrad, and taking place over an authentic Korean landscape created by Bill Potvin,II. Self-contained package in 2 zipfiles, F84mispak.zip & KorWar.zip. Both files are required. A joint project by Mike Eustace & Doug Attrell. 1.2MB

KOREAN WAR BASIC PACK (KorWar.zip) *CFS1 ONLY* These files are not suitable for CFS2...!!!!!!!!!!! A basic pack of AI aircraft, scenery & essential elements required for all future campaigns in our Korean War series, starting with the accompanying THUNDERJETS OVER KOREA, (F84mispak.zip). This package will enable smaller files of featured aircraft and missions to be posted as we create them. A joint project by Mike Eustace & Doug Attrell. 2.8MB

Gibraltar: CFS1 is NOT dead!...it's just not getting that much attention now that CFS2 is on the scene. This is a mission made by me involved in Gibilterra.Here you'll find also the scenery (by the great Cliff Burgess)and an aeroplane (SM79 by the very good Taccoli).The Jpg image show you what kind of aeroplane you need. 338K
CFS1 Vengeance Strike This is a single mission about an angry mob of Luftwaffe pilots seeking to go out in a blaze of glory towards towards the end of the war. You take off from Duxford in a Spitfire MK IX with 7 other Spitfire IX's. Head directly for Biggin Hill where you will rendevous with 8 P-51's and thereafter engage incoming ME-109's and FW-190's. Remember not to move too far ahead of your own group after sighting the enemy as this will quickly result in yourself alone surrounded by a number of bloodthirsty Luftwaffe pilots. You meet the enemy head on and the battle is close and chaotic, quite challenging if in the default Spitfire IX. If you survive land at Biggin Hill. The P-51's will land at nearby Gravesend. N. James Gutierrez. 32K
A CFS 1 Sea Hurricane strike on the defences surrounding the German Pocket Battleship Tirpitz in Trondheim Fjord clearing the way for a Lancaster strike. Plenty of action for Novice, Veteran and Ace. All necessary scenery and the very latest Sea Hurricane from Duxford Legends is included.Compliled by Brian Haining. 251K
CFS1 Nachthexen Attack... an OST FRONT (Eastern Front) mission for CFS1 by Jacek Poltorak and Billy "Pak-Rat" Irle.Dedicated to Debbie McDowell (AKA Diamond, AKA Liliya)... for the many hours of support and entertainment she has given to the CFS gaming community. Scenery by Gorale. 1MB
CFS1 Campaign of France (May-June 1940) Here are two missions dedicated to the pilots of the campaign of France 1940. They can be played as a campaign with the CFGB folder. CF1B: Mission of the english Blenheims, from England, against the boat-bridges built on the Meuse by the germans on the 14 of may. CF2B: Defense of Dunkirk, on the 1st of june, against the attacks of the Luftwaffe, during the reembarkment of the allied troops. Blenheim Mark IV is by Hervé Devred and Glenn Mc Donald, other aircrafts are from CSF1 aircraft's . All can be found on Simviation's site. Good hunting! 'Freeware Copyright G. West. 168K
CFS1 Pilots War; part 1; Early Days A twenty two mission campaign for CFS 1 running from the outbreak of war to the end of 1940. Seven aircraft included, an additional download of Mike Rennie's ABBA Duxford scenery is recommended but not essential. By Richard Steele. 1.8MB
CFS1 Oboe Recovery. My tribute to Wg/Cdr Barton CBE,OBE, who flew an unbelievably true mission involving flying a Pathfinder Mosquito to occupied France to retrieve the very secret 'OBOE' radar from a shot down allied aircraft under the noses of the enemy. A mission of cunning, tactics, and stealth. Where you should achieve TOTAL SUCCESS without firing a round. Stock CFS 1 aircraft plus Mosquito included. By Terry Baldwin. 108K