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Aircraft Page 112
CFS2 DieStaffel's Classic P-400 Airacobra (Kobra) 'Yellow 16', P-400 flown by I V Bochkov, 19.GvIAP, East Karelia, 1942. "Air-A-Cutie" P-400, New Guinea early 1942, 36th Fighter Sqn, 8th Fighter Group The P-400 was a P-39D designated P-400 as a reverse Lend Lease when war broke out. The Americans, not having many combat fighters sent over 200 P-39D's and P-400 to Australia and New Guinea where they held the Japanese expansion. Not a good high alitiude fighter, and unable to outfly its opposition, it soldiered on till the P-38, P-47 and P-51 became more available. The initial batch of 200 P-400's from Great Britian sent to the USSR were the first of over 5000 P-39's of all models to fight in the Great Patriotic War. Textures, DP and AIR files by Mike Colclough (DieStaffel) 1.8MB
CFS2 P-39N & L Airacobra's and Kobra P-39N Capt. IL'ich Babak, 100IAP, Germany, January 1945 , P-39N Lt. Roy Owen, 41st FS/35th FG, Nadzab, New Guinea, October, 1943 P-39L Lt. Hugh Dow, 346th FS/350th FG, Maison Blanche, ALgeria, Spring 1943 The P39 though not to popular with either the British or Americans found use on the Eastern Front under the Soviets. Its rugged construction and easy maintenance as well as its heavy armament of a 37mm cannon, made it an excellent ground attack aircraft. Textures, DP and AIR files by Mike Colclough(DieStaffel) 2.4MB
CFS2 Ilyushin Il-2 NS-37. The Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik 2 seat Ground Attack aircraft. This is the production version that came out with 2 NS-37 37mm cannons instead of the standard gun layout. Model file, airfile, DP, panel, and textures by Thicko. DP edit by sandydog. Prop texture by Kelticheart. 3.9MB
CFS2 Overhauled Val Update Updated files for the AI Overhaul Val. Includes new Propeller and Rear Gun. You will need AI_overhaul_Val.zip (here) Files for the complete Aircraft. 1.4MB
CFS2 Ju290-A7 Seeadler. When the Ju 290 replaced the Fw 200 as the Luftwaffe long-range maritime reconnaissance aircraft in the autumn of 1943, the crews were given a far more capable aircraft than the old Focke-Wulf Fw 200 Condor. But only 65 Ju 290s were built, and the total number of aircraft available was never higher than about 20. The model is made by William Dickens The dp is by William Dickens The panel is by Joachim Schmidt The airfile is by Sandydog 4.4MB
CFS2 AI Overhaul Kate. Replacement files for the Stock MS Kate. Overhauled MS-model file includes. New propellor and spinner. Modified Interior with Virtual Cockpit and Working Gauges. New Rear gun and cowl flap fixes. De-mirrored Textures and wing fold corrected. 3.5MB
CFS2 F4F-3 Wildcat Rework of the MS stock model. Complete Aircraft. 3.5MB
CFS2 Focke-Wulf FW 189 Uhu (Updated version). Called the "Flying Eye" of the German army, the Fw 189 succeeded on the Eastern Front beyond the most optimistic predictions. Its superb handling and agility made it a very difficult and elusive target for enemy fighters. Its phenomenal toughness was demonstrated by Fw 189s returning to bases safely with one tail shot or torn off by Soviet ramming attacks. Credits: The model is made by William Dickens The airfile and dp are by Christian Nölte The Textures by Christian Nölte New Panel by Joachim Schmidt Engines,Crew Figures: Dave Eckert. By: William Dickens. 6.5MB
CFS2 Vultee P-66 Vanguard The P-66, like the P-64, was initially built after purchase by another government. The Swedish government signed a contract on 6 February 1940 for 144 Model 48C's. By the time the first of the Vanguards was ready for delivery in September 1941, the US had an embargo in place and impounded the aircraft. The British initially took over the order, but the US diverted 129 aircraft to China instead. The remaining 15 aircraft were re-designated P-66's and used by the AAF as trainers. The model is made by William Dickens. 595K
CFS2 Vultee Vengeance. The Vengeance was a dive-bomber initially designed to RAF specifications. Almost 2000 Vengeances were built during WW2 and were used by the RAF, Free French, India, Australia and even Russia had a few. They were also exported to China and Brazil. Some Vengeances were retained by the USAAC and were given the designation A-35. The aircraft in this packet is textured as an aircraft of the RAAF (Australia), but since it was used by so many other countries I have included Paint Templates so you can paint it any way you like. The model is made by William Dickens. 985K
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