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Aircraft Page 29
CFS2 Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless, of VS-5, June 1942 Stock re-paint, textures only, by Smashing Time. 917K
CFS2 Grumman F4F-3 Wildcat, of VF-3, June 1942 Stock re-paint, textures only, by Smashing Time. 938K
CFS2 Grumman F4F-3 Wildcat, of VF-3, USS Lexington, May 1942 Stock re-paint, Updated textures only, by Smashing Time. 954K

CFS2 Henschel Hs129 B-3 The German Hs129 B-3 was designed for a close air support role, mainly anti-tank. It was well armored and equipped with a 75mm cannon; the BK7,5. However, it suffered from poor handling, underpowered engines, and a lack of pilot vision. Includes original panel. By Scott Smiel. 1.1MB
CFS2 only Nieuport NIE 28C.1 by Erik Beertema this is my firts real plane white moving part like rudder ailerons,elevator,rudder spinning wheels and virtual cockpit it have the scheme of 1lt Edward Rickenbakers plane. for the mission you need to download the great fokker dr1 152/17 by Mark W. Steckel from page 27 of this section. 4.8MB
Repaint of the Jolly Rogers Ruthless 2 flown By Lt.Chenoweth. Textures only. Steve Renner. 331K

Junkers Ju88C2 nightfighter, for CFS2 only. FSDS multi-res model Depicting the Ju 88C2 'R4+KL', flown by Leutnant Alfons Koster, 1./NJG 2, at Gilze-Rijen, Holland, October 1941 First 'operational' version of german Ju88C nightfighter. NOTE: There are no gauges included in this zip file! Gauges- You will also need the C2 Gauge Pack, to use the panel! (There is now working manual start.) Sound- If you have the BETA version, the sound pack is unchanged. If not...I recommend adding the C2 Sound. by Ted Miller Please read the enclosed 'README.txt', for credits, information, and copyrights. Ted Miller aka GZR Bomber Puke. 1.4MB

Gauges 2.1MB

Sounds # 1. 3.2MB

Sounds # 2. 2.7MB

Alt. Textures: depicting a typical C2 that was assigned to the Mediterranian theatre. Added to the NF role, many C variants were also used for daylight anti-shipping and ground attack, in the different theatres. 345K

Fix: Ju88C2 'Manual Start' Fix! These files, Panel.cfg and (1)Gauge correct the manual start for the Junkers Ju88C2. Sorry! I had put the wrong files into the zip. 35K

JU88C3 CONVERSION KIT These files are for conversion of Ted Williams' Ju88C2 to a Ju88C3. They include a full panel, airfile, aircraft.cfg file, checklist, and sound.cfg file. Please see the readme.txt file for details. By Jay McDaniel. 4.1MB

Seablaze TF.Mk.7 for CFS2 Fictional FSDS strike/torpedo fighter,based around the Rolls-Royce Griffon 57A engine, painted in the colours of No.796 squadron,Royal Navy C.1956.Requires Martin Wrights Spitpak addon and Mauro Giacomazzi's pilot figure(not included).Aircraft by Gary Wilson, blade texture by Musicman. 1.3MB
CFS2 flyable Lisounov Li-2T Soviet transport plane, license-built C-47 with upper gunner turret. Conversion of the stock C-47 Dakota with addition of the turret and cowl plates to protect engine from iceing. Two separate versions, summer with green camo and winter with white camo. Additional bgls, dps and textures : Paul Rebuffat. Airfile and dp based on Bruno Duffort's work with permission. 1.6MB

WW1 Belgian Collection. This is a collection of 6 Belgian WW1 fighters for CFS1 and CFS2. Nieuport 17, Nieuport 17.2guns, Camel, Hanriot HD-1, Spad VII and Spad XIII. You can chose between a realistic and a combat optimized version (model C for combat). All models updated for running under XP Windows. by A.F.Scrub USE ONLY the original Dp and CDP files while running under XP windows. Scale Dp files may replace the original Dp and CDP when running on any other Windows. 1MB

Fix - required. 138K