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Aircraft Page 41
CFS2 - Blohm und Voss BV-141 B-05 V14 NC+RD Ver.1.10 updated. It's the asymmetrical airc- raft of Germany in the WWII. Features full moving parts and pilot animation. LOD models are included. Please try many things. For example, if a landing gear is stored, a rear gunner opens a pivoted window and establishes a gun. Autopilot and GPS are also equipped. Probably, operation in DVC will be pleasant. By Sakichi System (Ogawa Tetsuji 'm0m'). 2.6MB
Battle Torn RAF Wildcat Textures. Repaint by Korey Flinn. 423K
P-47N Cherokee Maid. Another repaint of a great FDG aircraft. Panel configuration and repaint by Chuck 'Led' Selby Original aircraft by Fightertown Design Group: Current FDG Staff: Bill "Razor" Ross Scott "Jinkers" Flugum Larry Vrooman Mike "Mopar" Wagner Eric Joiner Ken "KAP" Procell AK Bacon Troy "Razcal" Razka. 1.5MB
CFS2 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-3, ver. 1.1 by Gerald Lindell upgraded using fsds2. This was the second version of the MiG series and was used from 1941 until the end of WWII. Full animation, including rolling wheels, working shocks, canopy, joystick & rudder pedals and breaking parts. Working gauges in vc. Includes Alain Coupet's DAG weapons pack. Freeware. Model by Gerald Lindell (jlindell@wi.rr.com), damage profile by Andre van Duin, textures by George Lindell (sssmokin), "shined" by Corado La Posta. 1.4MB
Curtiss P-40N for CFS2 G-max model, full animation, 2 different textures, 2D-panel, 3D virtual cocpit Created by Krzysztof Malinowski. 2.2MB
P-47 Aces High Textures only for the Fightertown Design Group's P-47. . Note: You MUST have the FDG_P-47-N-25RE aircraft for this texture to work!. Get it here : http://www.fightertown.tv/FDG_1.htm : It is a 'self installing' download. Chuck'Led'Selby. 432K
North American P-51D Mustang 332nd (Tuskegee Airmen) textures only for the Fightertown Design Group's P-51D. Note: You MUST have the FDG_P-51D for this texture to work. Get it here : http://www.fightertown.tv/FDG_1.htm. Chuck'Led'Selby. 1.6MB
Curtiss P-40M (Kittyhawk Mk.III) for CFS2 G-max model, full animation, 2 different textures, 2D-panel, 3D virtual cocpit Created by Krzysztof Malinowski. 2.3MB
KI-43 IIB Oscar Textures only. Steven Martinez. 1.2MB
New & improved Raiders Hellcat for the 2002 Season An over all improvement on the textures done by me in the past I decided to go with the true Silver & Black Colors as the raiders are Super Bowl bound this season I'm showing My pride in the team I've been a fan of for 31 years Enclosed is a photo of the Authentic aircraft of the Oakland raiders....The P-47 Thunderbolt which I'm currently working on now. Robert "Hawk". 1.5MB
Fictional paint scheme on a stock Corsair. Textures only Kevin McCloud. 1.5MB
P-47D Oakland Raiders Repaint By Robert "Hawk" For CFS2/FS2000 and also tested in CFS1 Replica of the The 1:48 scale die-cast Raiders P-47 Aircraft with a total of only 11,000 made. The Model actually sitting on my computer desk got me wondering if I can actually copy the Paint scheme I also Edited the Panel to give it the Personal Raider touch ~S~ Raider Fans & NFL Fans alike! Robert "Hawk". 1.1MB