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Aircraft Page 54
CFS2 Corsair 'Lucky Dog' : In memory of Steve Renner (Aug 1975-April 2003) aka: Luckydog,CAF_Lucky1 "Steve really was a great guy and it never stops to amaze me that he was so positive, knowing that he didn't have long to live. He honestly did seem to think of himself as lucky"-Rob Renner (Steve's Brother). Known for his passion to create awesome repaints, You can find much of his work right here on Simviation as well as Rob Renners. Steve, this Corsair is dedicated to You and I hope many will enjoy it as much as I did Painting it. You will always be remembered ...... Rest in peace My Friend Repaint by Robert "Hawk". 1.5MB
CFS2/ FS2002 Polikarpov I-16 Tip Package. 10 version 1.0 These Polikarpov I-16 Tip 10 painted as: 1.Major Sergey Ivanovich Gritsevets, Russian Volunteer Group, CAF, Hankou area, China, 29th April 1938 2.Pilot unknown, Training unit, CAF, Sinkiang, China, 1940 3.Jose Maria Bravo, CO of 3a Escuadrilla, Spain, 1939 4.Lieutenant Salvaredo, 7a Escuadrilla, Militar, Spain, Autumn 1938 5.Pilot unknown, Training unit, USSR, 1944 I welcome your comments, Ivan Hsu. 9.1MB
CFS2 USAG P38F Two Livery package. Here are my no. 6 and 7 USAG squadron repaints. they are repaints of a stock P38F. there are two textures included (not a full plane). one has red wing tips and red tail and the other has a blue wing tip and tail. both also include a #1 on the tails and 9 kill flags and the leters USAG on the bottom and top part of the foward wings. these repaints was made by Robert aka y2cool3. 1.3MB
Vought F4U-1A fighter for CFS2. An orginal multi-resolution design by Anthony (gramps) Sullenger . Panel by Sergey "Araks" Golovachev. 3.6MB
Focke-Wulf Ta-183 for CFS2 This file you see before you is the complete product of many months worth of work by many people. The Focke-Wulf Ta-183 was a late-war German jet designed to push back the allied advance toward the Rheine by destroying wave after wave of bomber with jet aircraft. Before they could fly, the war ended. Several in-progress models were captured by advancing Russians and taken back to Moscow. After several years, they re-appeared; as the MiG-15! This model is made entirely in gmax, features reflective textures, has a highly detailed panel, and pretty realistic air file created with minimal available information.. 2.5MB
CSF2 Argentine Armada Corsair Textures. Serial N 8-A-8. Texture (not the full plane) by Guillermo Salvador based on textures by Robert "Hawk" Heun . High detailed skin with rivets and shadows. No dp file but coming soon! Thanks again to Ignacio Mendive who encouraged me to do this repaint supplying photos of the real plane. The tiger squad badge has been taken from a Royal Air Force Phantom, my little contribution to add some character to it. 813K
CFS2 USAG P39D "lil Punch" Textures only. Discription: Here are No.7 and 8 of my USAG squadron repaints. both repaints include 6 kill flags, insigna changed, the words "Lil Punch" on the nose, the letters USAG on the tail and on the bottom and top of the foward wings. finally i gave them a tail ID Number 82564. the only thing that is different is that one has red stripe on the nose and tail and the other has blue stripes.these repaints was made by Robert aka y2cool3. 1.1MB
CFS2 Hellcat VF2 textures only. This a fictional repaint I did for the guys that the VF-2. This is my first paint job also. It is a stock texture folder only. Thanks to Steve Martinez aka VF2_Corporal for the help. Your the best pal. By Lonnie Schultz "VF2_USA_Sarge". 692K
CFS2 P-51 D - Bruce Thorson, Roger Dial and Gary Jones "P-51D Mustang D-Day" (pr_p51d.zip) CFS2 update for this masterpiece creation (available here). replacement Damage Profile file with corrected gustations, hardpoints and modified ordnance. All modifications carried out by: Stefano Denti aka kelticheart. 74K



CFS2 CURTISS P-40E AK961 Textures only. CV-O The 3 Squadron (RAAF) Kittyhawk showing "Snifter" urinating on the oasis symbol of the German Afrika Korps. This is a repaint of Krzysztof Malinowski's P-40E (here) by Daniel Leahy using a template provided by Peter Haley. 1.4MB