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Aircraft Page 60
CFS2 Corsair Digital Camouflage (Textures only). 1st of the U.S. Livery to adopt "Gone digital". The Corsair has been selected as the 1st protype paint job. Gone into more ways to camouflage our birds when in fierce battles over land from Sea, and when parked on grnd. By Cpl. Martinez, Steven G. U.S.M.C.. 1.1MB
CFS2 A6M5_Shusui. Sister to the Zero except that its lighter than the zero and alittle faster. Susui in real life is a Japenese Koi Fish "Autum Sky". Stephen "zibom" Pierce. 2MB
CFS2 Messerschmitt Me-P.1101. This is a "what-if" representation of the production version which was 80% complete at the end of the War. The Allied bomber streams would have face this model in great numbers if the War had continued. Stereable nose gear, full moving parts, jet effects & many more. by László Becz. 3.9MB
CFS2 F6F3_HELLCAT Digital Camouflage Textures. : Spider Webb of the "VF2 Rippers" has just undergone new modifications. Spiders plane now digitally camouflaged has returned to action with the U.S. Fleet in the Pacific. Author: Cpl. Martinez, Steve G. U.S.M.C.. 1.2MB
CFS2 VF-2 Wildcat Digital Camouflage Textures. . Returning to Pacific air combat duty wearing the U.S. Fleet Digital Camou. Author: Cpl. Martinez, Steve G. U.S.M.C.. 1MB
CFS2 Airocobra Repaint. 'Digital' Textures only. . : No longer the Aircobra, but now the P39 Airtiger. Entered into the Digital Fleet. Just new texture for Stock ai cfs2 P39_AIRCOBRA. Not a whole new plane! Author: Cpl. Martinez, Stev U.S.M.C. 365K
CFS2 P-47D_25 "Gabby" Gabreski's P-47 of the 56th FG, textures only. . Partial repaint of Krzysztof Malinowski's P-47N (here) by sssmokin (George Lindell). Depicts Francis "Gabby" Gabreski's P-47 of the 56th FG. 1MB

CFS2 Junkers Ju EF-128 In the autumn of 1944 Junkers were awarded a development contract for a single-seat high performance jet engined fighter. The design was submitted in February 1945 and work started on the first prototype. The Soviets captured all the files and the prototype, but nothing more was seen of this aeroplane. Full moving parts, jet effects, X-4 Rocktes & many more. by László Becz. 4.1MB

CFS2 Junkers Ju EF-128 Model file update These model files are correcting some reported graphics bugs, and errors. by László Becz. 218K

CFS2 Messerschmitt Me-323 Heavy Cargo Transport Plane + AI Plane One of the largest aircraft to see large scale production in World War II, the Me 321 could deliver up to 22 tonnes of cargo or a full company of infantry. This version also carried several tonnes of armor and bulletproof glass. Eventually it was decided that escort fighters would be more effective and this version did not see wide-spread production. Full moving parts,exhaust effects, landing lights, opening nose, door and ramp & many more. by László Becz. 4.4MB
CFS2 Repaint of pilot from K. Malinowski's P-47 by sssmokin (George Lindell above & previous pages).One depicts Francis "Gabby" Gabreski, and one depicts Hub Zemke, of the 56th FG. Textures only. 138K
CFS2 Default A6M2 Zero Repainted in 'cloud' colors. Cpl. Martinez, Steven. 1.5MB
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