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Aircraft Page 96
CFS2 Nakajima Type 91. . Nakajima Type 91 single seat fighter. One of the first monoplane fighters to enter service with the Japanese Imperial Army Air Force in the early 1930's. It saw service in China. Model file, airfile, DP, panel and textures by Thicko DP,texture and panel are edited by sandydog. 1.7MB
CFS2 Fiat G55 ANR Splinter Camouflage Textures only: Fiat G55 1gruppo caccia,II squadriglia "Gigi tre Osei". Bresso Airfield,1944 Full Aircraft can be found at http://www.isoliti4gatti.com Reworked and repainted by Marco Gadioli. 855K
CFS2 Horten HO18. It is a underpowered plane with a very large fuel load. You need a long runway and full flaps to take off. Since in the air it flies like an angel. Model by J R Lucariny. Adapted to CFS2 by Pepe Rezende. 795K
FS2004 Kawasaki Ki-10 single seat fighter. One of the last biplanefighters to enter service with the Japanese Imperial Army Air Force in 1936. It saw service in China and trainer service in WW2. Code name Perry. Model file, airfile, DP, and textures by Thicko DP edited by sandydog. Panel by Marty. 2MB
CFS2,FS2000/FS2002/Fs2004 Spitfire MkxIVE: This is a model of a Spitfire MkxIVE of Nr 2 squadron, 2nd TAF, Wahn Germany 1948-1949. Photoreconnaissance variant with 2035 Hp Griffon engine and bubble canopy. Remade from original model by Andrew C. Wai. Updated for CFS2/FS2000/2002/2004 with new Mdl, air, Dp, CFS2 Warload, effects and textures by A.F.Scrub. 4MB
CFS2 Lockheed Model 9F Orion. Fast light transport used during the Spanish Civil War. Original FS2000 aircraft by Tom Schaad. Modifications by Ron Vander Molen. 620K
CFS2 P-39D Cobra: A new Cobra is in the Pacific, my version of the Cobra. It blends into the varied South Pacific terrain somewhat. And to sweeten the offer a panel, mission, and two weapon loadouts. Robert (Falcon500RC) Coady. 2.5MB
CFS 2 Martin Baltimore Mk V. Made with Gmax, Multilod, breakeable. Textures by ERAFFITI, MDL, Dp Y Air files by Silvia Borja. 3.1MB
CFS2 F-4U Corsair and F-6F Hellcat SharkPak Textures: The South Pacific has not seen such fierce predators.... Ever!!! New repaint for the stock F-4U Corsair and F-6F Hellcat. This repaint is based on the dangerous Tiger Shark that swims the South Pacific looking for wounded sailers and "flyboys" (they mostly eat fish and birds though). By Robert (Falcon500) Coady. 1.7MB
CFS2 French Bloch 174. The Bloch 174 was probably the best french aircraft in 1940, but came too late to influence the course of the aerial war during the Campaign of France. Built by the Armée de l'Air for bombardement and reconnaissance purpose, it was a 3 crew twin engine plane, with a maximum speed of 540 km/h. Its armement was two wing 7,5 machine-guns, a double upper and a triple lower rear machine-guns, with a load of 400 kg bomb. Made with FSDS2. By G.West. 4.3MB
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