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CFS2 LaGG-3 series 35. The LaGG-3 series 35 Soviet Fighter. Features 2 nose mg's, retractable tail gear,1150hp Klimov M-105P Liquid cooled in-line engine. Textures for white 57 of 524 IAP. Later captured in Finland, repaired and used by the Finns as LG-3.Model file, airfile, DP, and textures by Thicko Panel and DP edit, by sandydog. 2.9MB
FS2004/2002/CFS2 GMAX Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX "MK805" Aeronautica Militare Italiana, 8° Gruppo, 5° Stormo, Orio al Serio, 1948. . These textures are authorised repaints of Paul Rebuffat's CFS2/FS2002 GMAX Spitfire MKVII model. Texture repaint and other repaints associated with this repaint by Murray Bremner are published with permission from Julian Adams. 5.1MB
CFS2 "Trent" Meteor. Experimental works with early jets immediately after the WWII carried out by the research team of Sir Stanley Hooker proved, that in the speed range of less than 450 m.p.h. the substantial reduction of fuel consumption can be obtained by fitting an air- screw to a gas turbine unit. This idea was materialized by Rolls- Royce in the form of "Trent" engine being a modified "Derwent" turbojet, fitted with shaft reduction gear and airscrew. Aircraft by J R Lucariny. Propared for CFS2 by Mark Walsh. 1MB
CFS2 F-4U Corsair Grim Reaper - This is a modified stock F4U1A Corsair for CFS2 Entitle The Grim Reaper When Facing the enemy with it’s modified Air and DP file you will soon discover why it’s called The Grim Reaper It’s Fast Tough and Armed Included is the complete aircraft modified by Mark “FireBall” Rooks. 2.1MB
CFS2 F-4U Corsair Ghost Rider. This is a modified stock F4U1A Corsair for CFS2 Entitle Ghost Rider with its Ghostly image, modified Air and DP files. It’s Hard to see, Hard to Catch and Hard to Kill Included is the complete aircraft modified by Mark “Fireball” Rooks. 2.4MB
CFS2 Pro Hughes H-1B Rel. 03, Full Package. This is the third release including all updates and new wing leading edge and texture files. For FS2002, see H1BDC23.ZIP. The H-1, designed by Howard Hughes and Richard Palmer and built by Glenn Odekirk, was developed to be the fastest landplane in the world. Piloted by Howard Hughes, the H-1 achieved a new world record speed of 352.322 mph. on 09/13/35 (with a shorter wing) and a more remarkable transcontinental record of 332 mph over the distance of 2,490 mi between Burbank, CA and Newark, NJ on 01/19/37. FSDS model, animation and 3 panel configurations by Dave Carroll. 3.6MB
CFS2 SBD-2 Dark Gremlin Default Textures. : . Robert (Falcon500) Coady. 642K
CFS2 Yak-7. Yak-7 Single Seat Russian heavy fighter derived from the 2 seat training version of the Yak-1. This model is the early series of the Yak-7's. Model file, airfile,DP,weapons and panel by Thicko, DP edit by Sandydog Texture by Watchdog22 with edit by Thicko. 2.6MB
CFS2 Alternative DP for Thicko's Short Stirling, Add's Exhaust Effects and Nibbio's Pilot Kill effect; Get it here Brandon A.K.A. Corsair Freak. 9K
CFS2/FS2000/FS2002/FS2004 Spitfire Pr XIX: The Spitfire Pr XIX was the last Spitfire to be used in operational service. The Spitfire Mk XIX was the first of the Griffon-Engined photo reccoversions to enter large scale production. Based on the Mk XIV airframe and the 2,375hp Rolls Royce Griffon 65 or 66 engine with a Rotol 5 bladed Propellor giving it a maximum speed of 723km/h (452mph) at 6,242m (20,500ft). It was an unarmed Photo Recco machine. This is a model of a Spitfire PR XIX, from No.541/542 Sqdrn as flown with invasion stripes. Original XIVe mdl by Paul Rebuffat. Remade as a Pr XIX for CFS2/FS2000/2002/2004 with new Mdl, air, Dp, effects and textures by A.F.Scrub. 7.2MB
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