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Misc Page 1
Modified AIR files to make the CFS2 default AI aircraft flyable. They look great but some fly better than others. As always, back up the original files before replacing them with these. Panels not included. Hit Y (or F3) x2 to bring up the HUD. For CFS2 ONLY. 41K
A reproduction of the Key Commands Quick Reference Sheet for Combat Flight Simulator 2. It will print out a 8X10.1 inches. The actual size of the CFS2 Pilot's Manual (this is the back cover) is 5.875 inches by 8.25 inches, so this trimmed enlargement should make it easy to read with your computer's easel or copy reader. Jim Bennett. 434K
Map for Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2--WWII Pacific Theatre Contains all stock CFS2 airfield locations. by Mike Wagner. 25K

CFS2 Map. Here I have revamped CFS2 map by Mopar Mike's Midnight Aircraft Parts Emporium. I have removed the Blue and Green colors to save on ink. Longitude & Latitude have been added, also the ADF# for the CFS2 stock airfields by Steve McClelland. (fueladf2.zip) In the file I have included the original map and comments of the authors. Author unknown. 72K
CFS2 Jet base FILE


CFS2 Lear45 Dummy FS Converter folder with jet sound files. Install the Lear45 to your CFS2 Aircraft folder for all your CFS2 jets to show up. 1.1MB
CFS2 Helicopter base FILE
CFS Bell206b This is an unflyable aircraft which will make installing helicopters to CFS1 & CFS2 easy. Simply paste the Bell206b folder into your CFS Aircraft folder. Paste all the .gau files from the gauges folder into the CFS Gauges folder. Now all those helos will show up. 1.9MB

CFS2 Improved Aircraft Textures. Some great new textures for all stock CFS2 planes, i've got Overall image quality at 1, but the new plane textures make it look great. i just put them together in to one good file, which i like. Textures by Garry Smith. Thank-you Garry. Alot of effort was put in to these textures. Compiled by Tim Fennell. 4.9MB
CFS2 only!!! New bullet hole texture which makes the holes smaller! by Tim Fennell. 6K

So You Want to Build a Dynamic Virtual Cockpit! A tutorial for Abacus FS Design Studio Pro by J.P. Amodea A step-by-step tutorial aimed at the experienced 3D modeller and wouldbe modeller alike. Anyone who has built a virtual aircraft with DS Pro may add a spectacular active instruments 3D cockpit with a little extra effort. No arcane knowledge required. Enjoy! Joe Amodea. 1.6MB


Multi-Resolution MDL Demonstration for CFS2 only The Multi-Resolution Merged MDL File. A detailed explanation of the multi-resolution model concept for CFS2.

This little application has been produced so that the casual CFS2 user and experienced user alike can conveniently observe the Multi-Resolution feature of Abacus Flight Simulator Design Studio Pro by temporarily replacing the "stock" CFS2 A6M2 model with the seven-level colored box model. The applet provides a "toggle" function. Tutorial & demo by Joe Amodea. 2.6MB