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Howto-CFS2.zip is a document tutorial on adding countries and/or callsigns to the CFS2 callsign dat. Includes examples and full country codes. The How-To is written for both the advanced and beginner. Material used is from the CFS 2 county and call sign dat files, re explained in laymmans language. Sorry, this is not bi-lingual, English only. C W Loew. 2K
Universal Screen Designers has created another set of background Screens for CFS2. This is a redo of the previously released New Zealand package. All the previous crude backgrounds have been replaced by beautiful replacements. They're here for your enjoyment. PCH Paul Hauschildt. 5.5MB
CFS2 RADIO TRANSCRIPTS The full text of all 293, English language radio transmissions available for use in Mission Builder. Simply scan the list to find the transmission you want to use. Eliminates having to guess at the file name or listen to a bunch of sounds to find the one you want. WORD format. By Cody Coyote. 13K
Devil ZoneFriends Tool. This Tool allows you to copy your ZoneFriends List from one zone name to an other. You can de-select friends, zo they will not be copied. The program will filter out all duplicated names automatically, so you will not gett names who appear double in your ZoneFriends List. 170K
"Desert Camo Hurricane or whatever 3. Place my texture folder in the new planes folder and let it overide the old texture. 4. You are done You should have a separate aircraft with desert camo markings. The idea came from the camo pattern of the camo pants. 116K
NOVA GOLD TEXTURES Release 1 for FS2000 and CFS2. This file contains a selection of 24 photorealistic textures with night effects of some common objects used in scenery design, as hangars, finger gates and terminals. By Rafael Garcia Sanchez. 1.3MB
NOVA Docking and odometer systems V1.2 program for CFS2 and FS2000. This is an utility to add some visual taxing aids to the scenery ,as a docking system, odometers, approach progress bars and a marshaller. The program requires a prior full installation of the NOVA program. NOVA is a shareware program, this utility is free for registered users, for non registered users this addon will only work in demo mode. Help files and file examples are included.By Rafael Garcia Sanchez. 1.3MB
NOVA TEXTURES Release 3 for the CFS2 and FS2000. This file contains some textures used to design control taxing aids for scenery design, as docking systems,odometers, approach progress bars and marshaller. This file replaces all the textures used in the NovaTxt2.ZIP file By Rafael Garcia Sanchez. 170K
SET CAMERA VIEWS in tutorial *FOR FS98/CFS/CFS2/FS2K. Change the way your FS displays the aircaft in Select Aircraft. by JESSY CORRALES. 222K

Update: Universal Screen Designers brings you another set of background Screens for CFS2. This is an entirely new package for Romania It's multi-language with it's own self-install, installing the files and updating your country.cfg file. They're here for your enjoyment. This package has been corrected to include the background screens missing from the first version. PCH Paul Hauschildt. 4.7MB

Fix - for those who already have the 1st version. Romania backgrounds for CFS2 correction. Version 1 of the Romania install by Universal Screen Designers had an error. Some screens were missed in creating the install. To correct this, take the screen files in this package and drop them into the Uires subdirectory of CFS2.

Mace Early Cruise Missile. Apply full flaps and throttle,press "L" key to activate booster effect.press "E" key to start jet engine and you are off. After you are about 300 feet altitude press "L" key again to deactivate booster effect,press bomb realese to drop booster.Raise gear and flaps. When you are at the target dive toward it let off the throttle apply full flaps and spoilers and hit bomb realese to spawn another Mace missile that you can watch destroy target.Have fun. Gerald Goldsmith. 247K
SERGEANT BATTLEFIELD SHORT RANGE MISSILE. The reason I did it like this is because the whole missile is supposed to impact target.Range is about 300 miles. Sergeant and Sergeantb were made by me,JOCOOL.They are FREEWARE DO NOT SELL THEM Panel and sounds were made by MATMOXON Rocket exhaust was made by Jeff Delhaye AKA Wuhwuzdat Nuke effects are the Manhaton project. Gerald Goldsmith. 424K