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Campaigns & Missions Page 2
"A Rabaul Raid" CFS2 mission for fun. IJNAF is sending escorted Bettys and Kates to bomb US fleet near Rabaul. Patrol to intercept bomber and torpedo bomber groups. mission by Peter O'Brien (AAA_psob2). 28K
Jolly Rogers 7, 8, and 9 for CFS2 - more recreations of the action of VF-17 flying F4U Corsairs against Fortress Rabaul on New Britain, based on information taken from the memoirs of Thomas Blackburn. All three missions are equally hard, but I've eliminated the weather effects for better aircraft control. In addition to a greater variety of enemy aircraft, there are also a number of ground targets to strafe after you flame the enemy fighters. Simply copy these 3 *.mis files into your Combat Flight Simulator 2/Missions folder. These missions require the "In Defense of Australia" add-on and were created by Troy Whigham. 30K
"Attack on Port Darwin" A Mission collection for CFS2 by Yoshi Japanese airforces attacked PortDarwin in Australia on February 19, 1942. This Mission collection are reproduced the "Attack on Port Darwin" .The airport of Port Darwin is reproduced, too.You need flyable Val and Kete for these Missions. 300K
A Mission collection for CFS2 "Battle of Japan"(1) by Yoshi Battle in the Japanese mainland of the Japanese air force reproduced with this Mission Collection. From the battle aginst the Doollittle bomber group in 1942, to the battle of the day of the end of a war on August 15, 1945. You can experience nine Missions. Additional Scenery "Pacific-FarEast-Scenery" is necessary for this Misson. 796K
A Mission collection for CFS2 "Betty 1941-1945" by Yoshi The medium bomber of the Japanese navy" Ishikki-Rikujoh-Kohgekiki "is called "Betty" in America. The History of the Betty's battle is reproduced in this Mission collection. Battle of Malaya, Battle of the Rennel Island, Attack on Wake Island, Sink the Lexington...etc.. They are 14 Missions for Betty! 335K
UPDATED CFS2 Dynamic Campaign for the Western Desert (v0.5): This is a dynamic campaign set in the Western Desert in 1942, flown from the British point of view. Requires separate installation of Paul Lowengrin's marvellous dynamic campaign generator. Also includes several Libyan airfields for CFS2. By C Burgess. 248K
BoB-RAF Campaign converted to CFS2: The CFS1 BoB Allies campaign converted to fly in CFS2. Requires separate installation of European runways and converted CFS1 stock planes (including weapons loadouts) to CFS2. By C Burgess. 189K
Tora Tora Tora mission v1.0 Tora Tora Tora v1.0 for CFS2 multiplayer mission (multiswap) Bomb pearl harbor in DÚc. 7 1941 (or defend it) designer MrD RONINS. 41K
Up The Slot ver 1.4 Multiswap Mission for Combat Flight Simulator 2 No Add-ons needed to play. VF2_Rolf. 66K
Tokyo Fire Raid ver 1.3 Effects rich mission for CFS2 Combat Flight Simulator 2 Re-painted VB-B-29 with new .dp exhaust effects, Nanni smoke effects +mission VF2_Rolf . 3.5MB
"Today Is A Little Difficult Day On Guam" This mission for CFS2 isn't based on the history exactly.But I think that I will be able to suggest a instance of typical and general missions for a scramble in the war between the capitalistic Americans and the imperialistic Japanese on the Pacific Ocean. Katsumi Kimura(K_Kim). 31K
CFS2 Manhattan Project Project TRINITY/Operation CROSSROADS Gadget/Fatman Type (Model 1561) Version 1.10 Blast sound. 3D model of the Fatman device. Improved blast and shockwave effects. Revised Trinity observation mission. Operation CROSSROADS mission. Effects consultation - Nibbio 3D model - Martin Wright Shockwave effects and blast effect revisions - Bj°rn Hjelmerud Project oversite/management/development, 'atomic cloud' and principle blast effects, missions, historical data - Hans Castorp. 7.5MB
"THE LAST FLIGHT OUT OF WAKE" (fictional mission) Wake island is being overun by Japanese air and sea units the only chance you have left is to try to make a landing on the "belleau wood" uss essex , which is is said to be steaming off the coast. Make sure you have your maywest handy, it could be a wet landing. 39K