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Campaigns & Missions Page 22
CFS2 Singleplayer-Mission US Bombers 2 With this program you can install all the needed stuff on your hard drive automatically. January 7th, 1943. The US Bomber Base 2 is in Port Moresby in the pacific. There is a great US-american military base with an airfield, a lot of aircrafts and buildings there. Your job is to lead the B-24D Liberator-Squadron "Duckbutt" to the japanese base in Tsili Tsili. There is an aircraft-factory. Find this Val-factory and destroy it. You get help from the F4F-4 Wildcat-Squadron "Thunder" from US Carrier "Yorktown CV-10". But attention, may be there are japanese hunters in the air ... Enjoy and have fun Charlie *Chuck* Carter. 233K
CFS2 Singleplayer-Mission US BOMBERS 1 With this program you can install all the needed stuff on your hard drive automatically. June 25th, 1943. The carrier “USS Essex VC-9” is on the way to US Bomber Base 1 in Buna in the pacific. There is a great US-american military base with an airfield, a lot of aircrafts and buildings there. You are the captain of the B-25D Mitchell-Bomber “Bullfrog” on board. There is coming a message from the US-quarter: The japanese battleship “Oyodo” is about 120 miles away in the japanese base in Salamaua. This is e great chance to destroy this enemy ship. Your partner is leader of the B-25D Mitchell-Bomber "Blowpipe". Take the chance, but it is not so easy to take off a B-25D with full bombload from the deck of a carrier … Good luck, enjoy and have fun Charlie *Chuck* Carter. 228K

CFS2 Aces in the Sky European Adventure (Pt 1) Take to the sky to fight the Germans or the Russians. Knock down V-2's and save factories. Get to steal a plane, and more! There is 15 missions 5 for each side! By Jacob Waltz 11.3MB

Part 2 (Gauges & Effects) 5.9MB

CFS2 Yamamoto Strike On April 14, Fleet Radio Unit Pacific Fleet decoded a "hot" Japanese naval message. The message said that Yamamoto planned an inspection of three front-line bases around Bougaiville Island. P-39's will be taking off from Henderson Field to interscept the bombers. By Jacob Waltz 3K
CFS2 Rabaul Raid -A fictional mission for multiplayer. There is a Japanese invasion force of merchant and warships in the harbor just off Lakunai. Your mission is to attack and destroy as much of the shipping, supplies and facilities there as possible. Some ships will attempt to sortie and escape to the open sea, others remain at the wharfs. There are supplies stacked near the docks and there's a heavy concentration of anti aircraft defenses to fly through. Players may can land at the nearby fields of Vunakanu and Rapopo to repair and rearm. You can even use this as a "background" for team games as well. All objects and scenery are "stock" and weapons effectiveness settings are the host's option. Sorry, multiplayer won't allow the use of bombs or rockets, so you are limited to using guns and cannon. Go get em...! Shadow_Wolf_07. 97K

CFS2 Area 51 - Ufo Highway. Take to the sky find a missing UFO that crashed. Think it will be easy? Wait I hear something UFO's are behind you get that UFO and get out! Credits enclosed - Created by: Jacob Waltz. 5.9MB

Update - txt file Patch. 1K

CFS2 Milne Bay 42 A set of 18 historically accurate missions, reenacting the Milne Bay Battle, in Sept 42, when the japanese where for the first time defeated on the ground. The package contains the missions, two bases, an RAAF Beaufighter Mk1, 4 RAAF Kittyhawk 1 skins, and japanese field gun. Several people contributed to this package, see inside. Guy Boullenger. 15.9MB

Update: Patch to the Milne_Bay_V1.zip package released on Simviation in July 2004. It fixes errors detected in missions #8 and 13. To instal, drop the two files provided in your CFS2/campaigns directory. Guy Boullenger. 7K

CFS2 HopStrike 4 Hop Mission for multiplayer. A Multiplayer mission that adds ground targets and carriers for hoppers. I replaces the previous HopStrike_3WF mission. Errors noted in that mission have been corrected and a few more carriers and surface targets have been added. It is recommended but not required that that players download and install MaskRider Scenery. Greg Baskin. 134K

CFS2 Finnish Winter War - 30 NOV 1939 - 13 MAR 1940. A tribute to the courageous fight of the Finnish nation against the brutal attack of the Soviet red army. 79K

Update: Correction for prevent aircraft incompatibility. 7K

CFS2-Finland's Wars-44 Missions in one or two campaigns (Winter war and/or Continuation war). Several addons required - see Readme for details & direct links. by Cris Lame. 1.6MB