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Post WW2 & Modern Aircraft Page 7
English Electric Lightning F6 This Version For CFS2 [FS2000 version also available] This is quite simply one of the finest jet Sim 'add-ons' ever created for the Microsoft Flight Simulation Series. See Readme file for further info. All credit to the boys in the UK at ALPHA SIMULATIONS. TEXTURE: E.Snoad. 991K
CFS2 Vought F-8E Crusader. 2 aircraft included are repaints of Bernd Drefahl's Crusader and accurately display the markings of Navy Fighter Squadron 111 an Marine Fighter Squadron 321. Includes 2 aircraft. By Marc Czygan. 3.1MB
CFS2 F-4C Phantom II of the USAF. This is a completely re-textured version of Michael Gurezka's Phantom, giving the aircraft some "wear and tear." Markings represent an F-4C of the Air Defense Weapons Center at Tyndall AFB, FL. in the early 1970's. Textures only. You will need f-4.zip or one of the other CFS2 F-4B's I've done (above) . Marc Czygan. 773K
CFS2 FJ-3 Fury. The Fury was designed in the 1950's as a swept-wing, navalized version of the F-86 Sabre. This aircraft is an entirely re-textured version of Hayden Scott-Williams basic model and displays the markings of the Fighter Squadron 211. Includes aircraft. By Marc Czygan. 1.5MB
HAWKER HUNTER F.6- 'XG271' OF 4 FLIGHT TRAINING SCHOOL, RAF VALLEY 1973 THIS VERSION FOR CFS2 ONLY. Original aircraft by Alphasim - reconfigured & repainted by E.Snoad. 1MB
CFS2 Bell Cobra AH-1F Comes with loadouts, Panel, VC, and animations. It has been made for Fast multiplay. By United Flight Soft. 4.5MB
PITTS S-2C 2 'E.C.U.K' CFS2 Airshow Smoke Version Just a part experiment for multiplayer games/part fun plane for aerobatics. Turned out in a great 'Union Jack' livery as a mark of respect for a nation that has produced some of the greatest pilots & aircraft in the world. For all those great British aircrew fallen during conflicts- their sacrifice is remembered! Model design & original layout: Mikko Maliniemi. Textures by E.Snoad. 1.1MB
Sikorsky CH-34 Choctaw in 1960's U.S. Army Colors This is a CFS2/FS2000 model. Panels,Textures,Air,and Damage Profile by Jim "Rockster" Jacobson: and are released as freeware. 3.6MB
CFS2 C-40 Gunship (Fictional) a Converted Boeing 737-400 from FS2000 Great for "mellow hops" No lag reported in tests. Equipped with Cannon & Missiles this isn't Your typical 737. I dont remember where I found the air&DP files so if you recognize this plane feel free to E-Mail the author so he can make sure credit is given. Repaint by Robert Hawk. 13MB
CFS2 BLU82B "Daisy Cutter" CFS2 weapons modification package w/ Damage profile, Effects, Scenedb, Objects_dp by by Jim "Rockster". 1.1MB