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CFS2 Liberator Fortress. Scenery for Liberator Fortress is a fictitious airbase located on a small island in the PTO. Created using FSSC 1.5.7 and EOD 2.0.59. Airbase.dat data included. Created by W. Wright. 545K
CFS2 Circus 2 - a CFS2 scenery for fun, racing airbase, city with hight skyscarapers, deep runway. Good for competitions and challenges FFA. All objects are solid, beware the collisions! Scenery by _1smv_Poppy_64 - Roberto Stissi. 269K
CFS2 & FS2002 Scenery WWAR World Wide Virtual Air Racing T-6 Texan Race Course located in Central Nevada. Day Time (VFR) Use Only. Includes roads and adjacent emergency landing strip for prop-strike situations during WWAR events. Vist WWAR at: www.air-racing.itgo.com By Edward Loeffler. 854K
CFS2 Wildweasels Strike Base 1. This base was made for the "wild weasels" & "ab squadrons" to strike Japanese bases in the northern pacific! It is 7.2 miles sw from Peleliu and has an American carrier between the two bases! (when multiswapped to "shipyards") Alan Therrien. 561K
CFS2 Wildweasels Strike Base 2. This base was made close to the northern Japanese bases in cfs2 to make strike flights possible! It is northwest of Hollandia, and west southwest of Arakbesan, Babelthuap, Kokor, Peleliu and yap! The base features include: Night lighting, 8 large runways, many radio towers (for use as pylon course!), two 2 story barracks, control tower, fly-in movie theatre, the "wild weasels bar & grill", and of course a "chicken liquore" factory! (That's just for you stroker! --- enjoy my friend)!, 2 water towers, and ground vehicles including (tanks, and halftracks!) Enjoy! Alan therrien . 246K
CFS2 Wildweasels Strike Base 3. This base was made for the members of both the"WILD WEASELS" & "AB" SQUADRONS! To attack distant japanese bases in cfs2! STRIKE BASE III IS LOCATED EAST OF : MOEM, ETEN, PARAM. AND SOUTH OF: GUAM, TINIAN, ASLITO, AND PAGAN! The base features include: 4 nightlighted runways! (2 on one island, 2 on another), a bridge connecting the 2 islands!(safe to taxi on!), a radio tower & comm. center!, the "WW bar and grill" , a "chicken liquore" factory!, lookout towers! and more! Alan Therrien. 161K
CFS2 RAF Waddington, UK. Geographicly accurate and very detailed with fuel areas, trees and static aircraft. By Ian Elliot. 3.8MB
CFS2 Blue Lagoon Twins: Enjoy CFS2 Carrier Landings more with these two carriers located in the beautiful bay close the airfields of Arakabesan and Koror. GREAT for multiplayer!! Ever tried formation landings? Author: Stephan Lanfermeijer alias _54th_Whisky. 32K
CFS2 WW_Strike base IV** This is my first attempt at designing scenery for cfs2! This base is located on New Guinea! It is 200 miles due west of Tsili Tsili near the beginning Of the purari river! From the mighty "wild weasels" squadron! "fly wild!, like a weasel!" Designed by: Jay Hewitt. 199K
CFS2 BOB Version 1.01 Revised: Please note: This version updates the earlier install of CFS2 BOB and now includes the missing GSL London scenery objects. CFS2 Battle of Britain scenery enhancement. This package contains a collection of RAF airfields represented as closely as possible to what they would have looked like during the Battle of Britain period. The Scenery is done using GSL techniques so all the scenery objects are destroyable and crashable in all flight modes. All items can be individually installed and uninstalled. You may change the installed components at any time by just rerunning the installer program and modifying your selections. Gary Burns. 9.5MB